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    BSNL offer personalized ring-tones to its valued subscribers as per their requirements and fun so that they can have unlimited freedom to enjoy the way that want. BSNL ring-tones are different from other service providers as this provides you easy process to customize the ring-tones. Subscribers have the options to choose from personal greetings, wishing and songs from BSNL. To get attractions from your friends and colleagues, you can set any kind of ring-tone you wish; when someone will call you, there would be a melodious ring-tone instead of usual ring-tone.

    You have the option of personalizing your default setting where you can customize a single ring-tone for all callers or different ring-tones for different callers. There is a simple process to activate this service. By calling on 56700, you can subscribe to this special service.

    Simple & Easy Registration

    By visiting BSNL website, you will see three simple registration steps. Get registered as a new user with BSNL mobile number you have. After registration process is over, you will be sent a password to your BSNL mobile so that you can log in to BSNL tunes.

    To activate your BSNL tunes, you do not need to pay any huge amount as BSNL takes care of your pocket as well as your choice and enjoyment. You can also gift any RBT (Ring-back tone) to your friend, for which you have to call 56700 that will ask you to follow some available instructions. You will be charged a nominal amount from your account that will cost you only Rs. 12. Even though for renewal of the service, charges will be deducted from your friend’s account.

    In addition, you will also be charged a monthly amount of Rs. 25 until you are BSNL Tune customers.
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