Bsnl broadband work very slow nobody respond...

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by dillruk, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. dillruk

    dillruk New Member

    I am dillip got number-008025521964,
    its work verry slow ,i had complain several time but no proper response they will keep log the complain and finally they will ignore all..without even they check....
  2. harishgokhale

    harishgokhale New Member

    book complain on 1504 for broadband...problem may be telephone line...ask them to check the line and also to change the line. your home is how much far way from exchange.??? this \will also affect the speed. if distance is more then long telephone line and low speed.
  3. dillruk

    dillruk New Member

    bsnl service

    Thish is not the first time i had log a complain ,last complain they have ignore ,if possible pls find out,telephone line they have change already when i was keep complaining last 4 month back while they change they told there is some problem they will come back once again to check about the speed but till now nobody turn .....

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