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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by scorpio, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. scorpio

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    I heard that connect is providing 1 mbps(300 kbps upto 1 mbps) Home UL @ Rs. 1100 only. This is available in Punjab only and I am lucky that I live in punjab but I am stupid that I did not notice about connect before. I used BSNL broadband for 8 months under 512 kbps plan.

    Should I migrate to Connect for 1 mbps UL ? Will i be able to watch yourube smoothly with this ?

    Connect have the expansion of 1500 km optical fibre(from news) .

    Does anybody have the experience of Connect. I heard a lot of Punjabis prefer Connect.
  2. essbebe

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  3. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    well the plan seems attractive.. 1mbps UL for around 1k is not bad!!! if that gets popular there , then bsnl would definetly do something with their plans11
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Home Platinum UL 1111 + taxes
  5. vishal25

    vishal25 New Member

    hey buddy i wanna tell u one thing
    never go for connect . these people are fooling every one
    i wanna share a personal experience with u
    i had my bsnl broadband unlimited 750 plan activated
    i was in the street when some guy gave me some paper regarding connect broadband
    it was written over there that gold 666 pack has got upto 500 kbps speed
    i was shocked . i immediately call connect people and got my connect broadband. tey took 830 rs for activation .
    now see wat happened .
    with bsnl u/l plan my speed was 256kbps/32 KB/s and with connect broadband it was 16 KB/s although it is 500 kbps which means it should be 60-65 KB/s.
    actually the speed they are providing is 150-500 kbps. they have not mentioned it on their cards .
    honestly their speed has never gone above 25 hardly . so i will suggest , dont go for connect because they are not providing wat they are commiting& if u want to go for connect then first call those people and get ur speed checked
    they are fooling us
    i hope my comment will help u in choosing what is right
    this is my personal experience with connect .
  6. arrysilver

    arrysilver New Member

    Hi scorpio,I also live in punjab.Can u tell me whether this plan is available in rural punjab as I live in a village.
  7. essbebe

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    If you get a BSNL landline connection , in your place ( rural Punjab), most likely you can apply for BSNL BB connection.
    For Rural places the charges are also reduced.
    Rural USOF 99 Rs 99 per month 400MB
    Rural USOF 150 Rs 150 per month 1 GB
    full details here.
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
  8. scorpio

    scorpio Member

    I was once CONNECT BB user before for 6 months under 1111 UL plan. The reason why i took that plan because the plan provides maximum 512 kb (kilobits) from 11 am to 10 pm and upto 1 mbps from 10 pm to 11 am. one more reason, BSNL only had maximum 512 kbps UL plan during that time when i got CONNECT BB. Believe me, I had faced a lot of problem like torrent can not be supported (maximum only around 6 kbps). When I heard about BSNL's new plans of 1 mbps and 2 mbps UL , I immediately disconnected CONNECT and took BSNL 1 mbps UL @ 1500. It is really awesome. I feel like I finally got my long awaited dream though it has 25 gb limit @ 1 mbps speed and after that FUP (256 kbps) but it does not matter to me since i do not have to wait for loading and I am not super heavy downloader. If I were then i could get 500 plan additional too :D
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  9. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    depends on your Area. Don't go by reviews.
  10. netuser

    netuser New Member

    connect 1 mbps unlimited plan

    connect has just introduced 1 mbps ul plan for rs.495pm in limited areas of punjab.

    connect is providing 1 mbps unlimited plan for just Rs.495pm. in limited areas of punjab
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  11. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Where do you find it.
    please provide the link............
  12. essbebe

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  13. netuser

    netuser New Member

    contact to connect sales person at- 98774-30890
  14. netuser

    netuser New Member

    i got my 495pm ul connect plan activated in ludhiana. i am getting 1 mbps dedicated speed.
    i am impressed with the service. they have taken rs.1640 as three month advance rent, with no registration charges.
  15. voilala

    voilala Guest

    Hi scorpio,I also live in punjab.Can u tell me whether this plan is available in rural punjab as I live in a village.
  16. aroracomm

    aroracomm New Member

    Dear Scorpio

    BSNL is giving very good plans and their speed is also good

    The best plan is BB Home Combo ULF 1100 where u get 2 Mbps upto 10 GB, 256 Kbps beyond 10 GB and also 500 free calls under 1 india plan

    connect speed and service is pathetic


  17. user

    user New Member

    I agree with vishal :)) damn connect sucks. same thing happened with me.

    i will never go for connect in future again. i didnt tried BSNL. i tried tata bradband and reliance. they r good. now i ll try bsnl :))

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