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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Parminder, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I am having landline bsnl service . I am planning to go for BSNL Broadband internet service - 500 + combo - monthly 600 .

    Please reply to my following questions :-

    1- How much money should be with me at the time - of registration ? I do not have any modem with me . I think i can get modem from them on a monthly basis ? So tell an amount considering this .
    2-I am a power user - will the 2.5 GB they are offering with 500 + combo offer benefit me ? I surf around 7 hours daily - but no downloading at all , but only some times . Also this 2.5 GB is for one month right ? The next month again i will get 2.5 GB right ?
    3-When should i apply ? If i apply today , then ummm , today 24 th right and will i have to pay for the whole month of Jan ? Or should i tell them that i need it for Feb ?

    Sir , please help me out .

    PS: some one sent me this above message using PM, I guess he/she meant to post it here.
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    well you dont need any money right now!!it will all come in your telephone bill next month!
    (keep around 700rs with you coz its 60rs per month to rent a modem)
    -yes you do get 2.5GB every month!but since you are a power user and use the net for around 7hrs a day & no downloading (what do powers users do online if they are not downloading anythig?) then i suggest go for unlimited plans!thts the best connection for just
    -getting the connection depends on free ports in the exchange & the technicians!try going there and talking to sum1 in charge directly to apply for the connection!depending on your luck it could take from a week to 2 months to 2 years!

    ps be very careful of your usuage!its very easy to surpass the 2.5gb limit!i recomend ul900 instead of home500
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    2 years! Surely not that long? :cool:

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