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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Gnana, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Gnana

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    I have been using BSNL broadband for the past 8 months and BSNL landline for more 3 years.

    After i took the BSNL Broadband connection, the connection was ok and after some days the speed was very slow. I did complaint to the BSNL office they said i have a high speed plan. I took the high speed plan it worked for few days and problem now was with connection itself.. I get the connection only in the day time means after 9 am to say 6 pm... It wont connect at the nights. Again i made a complaint, the solution now was to change the modem to wireless modem. I paid extra money to get that but it was never installed. They did something to make normal connection to work...but it was also short lived. Now for past 2 months, the connection was pathetic... The internet was not connecting at all..I have raised several complaints through BSNL customer care.(the last one being 58198025) and my father is walking to the BSNL office daily. Sometimes the telecaller responds saying now my computer LAN has problem.. it has to be replaced...But i find it work even now if Sometimes the technicians come and repair the line. (which will last for few hours).
    Finally now they recommand to change the connection to some other vendor or use the 3G DATA CARD connection. As they are unable to solve due the lines in the street are many which cannot be replaced any sooner.

    To add to the agony due to the poor connection, they made me to invest a lost like intial modem installation, modem cost, again wireless modem cost and top of that now they are asking me to take 3G DATA CARD.

    Even responsible people in higher post was not willing to solve the problem rather they kind of avoid us by suggesting a different vendor or a different plan.

    Please suggest me how do i handle this problem or whom to escalate in order for me to get proper connection...

    MMDA colony,
    Chennai - 600106
  2. prateekkhanna2000

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    u should contact the higher authority of bsnl so that your problem would be solved
  3. meetdilip

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    Talk to Nodal officer or Appellate authority. ID and password behind your phone bill. I have heard Chennai BSNL is very good. Call them and seek help.
  4. essbebe

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    Please select your modem/router/wifi from links below.
    See the screen shots.
    Find STATISTICS/ ADSL menu.
    If possible save as jpg picture.
    Post as annexure here.
    When you post a reply here , select "go Advanced"
    Scroll down
    upload the jpg picture/s.

    This will give an idea about line conditions etc, .
    We will use it to make complaint to
    or to higher authorities "All India ONline site ".
    see link Bsnl links below.
    Also test your speed ( if internet working )
    at different times. ( say two or three tests)
    My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester
    Ensure all phone/s are connected to PHONE port of ADSL splitter only. If not possible use additional adsl splitter for each extension phone.
  5. Gnana

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    Thanks for replies guys...

    @ prateekkhana2000 - i tried till AE for our exchange, will need to higher.. will try that thanks

    I having broadband connection for the 8 months.. phone for around 3 years now..

    I have NOKIA seimens networks modem. Only power, DSL, LAN lights are glowing..
    Internet light is not glowing..
    When i type nothing opens,
    I have tried this earlier when the connection was coming and going..
    When I type the Ip in CMD, its shows "host cannot be reached"....

    Thanks for the prompt reply..
  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    [​IMG]I have NOKIA seimens networks modem.
    Please check WA3002-G4 link. Hardware board is same .menu pages also.

    RESET the unit by pressing the reset button either in the rear ,
    or bottom of unit a small round hole near right side. Use a ballpen refill..for about 10 seconds.
    With factory defaults you can access
    India Broadband Forum

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  7. shahrukhbachan

    shahrukhbachan New Member

    I also had such a problem a few days ago when the was suddenly not working. At first try opening command prompt and type ipconfig and the default gateway should be the router IP address.

    If that does not work force the IP in TCP/IP in networks settings and that is what worked for me in BSNL type II modem.
  8. im a bsnl broadband user using it since last 4 years, but since last 3 months im having connection problem, i use wifi modem to connect my laptop but after every 40-50 minutes a yellow signal permanently flashes on the wifi signals in my laptop and it says "No network access" if i switch off and on the modem it again starts working. I don't know whether its a connection problem or some internal settings problem, I don't have any knowledge about it so please help.

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