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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Amitava, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Amitava

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    Myself is a new subsriber of Bsnl Broadband combo 500 plan and opted for annual payment , with effect from January 2010. I am a Government employee also, as such entitled for 20% rebate on rental and usage. But I find from the bill issued by Bsnl for January'10 that the 'Govt. employees rebate scheme' has not been taken into consideration. Taking into account the govt.employees rebate of 20%, the annual charges should have been 4000/-, while 5ooo/ has been billed for. On enquery in the customer care counter I am told that in cases of advance annual payment, Govt.employees rebate scheme is not applicable. I don't find any logic in this. The benifit of annual advance paymet was introduced from the very begining introducing Broad band services by Bsnl while the Govt employees rebate scheme was introduced much later as an additional benefit to encourage them. The relevant Govt. Orders didn't specify that the scheme is not applicable in cases of annual advance payment option. Is there any such orders are available that the subscribers who opt for annual advane payment are out side the scope of 'Government employees 20% rebate scheme' ? I would be thankful some light is thrown in the matter.
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    I think they are correct. You could not get 2 discounts at the same time. You can either opt for monthly discount of 20 % or annual discount. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    @meet dilip
    ....... yes eligible for 20% discount on annual payment too. looking for ref links
    Appears @amitava has availed this discount sometime in March 2009 earlier .
    wait ..........
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    meetdilip's reply to my thread is not helpul as he simply stated his surmise, while esbee's reply cpmprehensive with authority, thanks. So my contention is correct. But the point here is why the Bsnl officers are so ignorant of their own rules?
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    Do not trust BSNL.:rolleyes:
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    Update 1655PM:
    send on line complaint here.
    select from list Broadband or
    misc complaints.
    Give this link
    and say A.O ( name _________)refuses to give 20% discount on Annual Tariff.
    ( only 150 characters allowed )

    Para two:
    Give written application quoting the letter ref only.
    Give photo copy of above website calcutta Telphones.
    As details were given by @totallyfandu, who had access to BSNL circulars. We may not get it in websites.
    Get acknowledgement from CC .
    See replies to your PM.

    will update later.
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    So far may knowledge concern, I would like to inform you that there is a option in the activation software (DOTSOFT) of BSNL that the 20% rebate for Govt Employee is valid from the activation date for one year or 2 year.......... then you have to renew that rebate option because some employees are there who are aged and may expired during that period. I am enjoying this 20% rebate and it is valid for one year in my case & BSNL told me that I have to renew it after one year. So I request you to kindly check that in the exchange.

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