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  1. Rameshjeee

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    BSNL 3G Tariff plan

    Initial SIM Charges for both postpaid and prepaid service:

    Cost of SIM (Inclusive of Service Tax) in Rs. : 300
    Talk Value in Rs. : NIL
    Initial Validity in days : 7
    Migration from 2-G to 3-G : Not feasible at present
    Applicable to : Voice & Data plan

    Voice Plans: Prepaid

    Voice Prepaid: Activation Vouchers (for choosing a particular plan)

    Talk value in : Rs. 270
    Validity in Days : 30

    Call Charges in Rs./Min
    Local – On-net : 0.40
    Local – Off-net : 0.70
    Local-Video calls : 2.00
    STD – On-net : 1.00
    STD – Off-net : 1.00
    STD – Video calls : 3.00

    P2P SMS (Rs./SMS)

    SMS – Local : 0.50
    SMS – National : 1.00
    SMS- International : 5.00
    Data usage in Rs./MB : 3.00

    BSNL 3G Data Plans

    Trial Pack
    Trial Pack - 50 MB : Rs 60 (15 days Validity)
    Trial Pack - 100 MB : Rs 120 (15 days Validity)

    Data Plans: Prepaid
    Plan Price in Rs. : 250
    Free data usage in GB : 0.30
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    Plan Price in Rs. : 400
    Free data usage in GB : 1
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    Plan Price in Rs. : 650
    Free data usage in GB : 2
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    Plan Price in Rs. : 1000
    Free data usage in GB : 5
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    Plan Price in Rs. : 3001
    Free data usage in GB : unlimited
    Validity (Days) : 30

    For more details: Refer the attached.

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  2. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    STD video calls @ Rs.3 and date charges @ Rs.2/MB
    But still 1GB for Rs.400 seems to be ok.

    BTW is it GSM bsased or CDMA based (admin made a post few days back that BSNL would be lauching 3G on CDMA)
  3. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

  4. selva2mohan

    selva2mohan New Member

    speed of 3g

    do u know what is the data transfer speed of bsnl 3g?
  5. clickme

    clickme Guest

    yeh i wana know what is the speed of downloding.

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  6. harishsyndrome

    harishsyndrome New Member

    Chill out everyone.

    3G has just now being launched.

    Lets wait for the prices to come down.

    Who knows we might unlimited browsing soon!!
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    can we use 3g edge mobile for pc browsing too??

    i think its around 3months( atleast.)
    actually mtnl started first..


    i got smses about switching from 2g to 3g network at a price (onetime) of Rs,.200/- by bsnl...

    but i didnt,.cause first i am not interested in it, secondly i dont think it will really change the speeds..
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  8. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Yeh you can Mails2sc, as long as you have your gprs activated!

    When exactly did BSNL 3G start?

    yeh i knew about the mtnl one, as there was a lot of hype about it, but didnt actually hear anything about bsnl 3g.
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  9. talusani

    talusani New Member

    2g to 3g

    I am using BSNL Postpaid 2g Unlimited plan(199Rs/-)-
    if i upgrade to 3G, can i avail unlimited 3G also(video calling etc..)???
  10. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Well no.. You dont get unlimited data plans in bsnl 3g yet.. Its very over priced and I am sure prices will come crashing down as there wont be any takers at this price... same is the case with Mtnl 3g as well here in Delhi.

    Well I dont know about the places you mentioned but when I travelled from Chennai to Kumbhkonam via puducherry .. 3g was available through out the journey and even remote areas near Kumbhkonam so I guess whole of Tamilnadu is covered..

    I dont have a 3g connection I know about 3g because by default my mtnl sim logs on to the 3g network with every hop from one tower to another before it logs on to the edge network and while this transition takes place I cant even make any calls :( and this even happens while travelling within delhi...

    I cannot afford such stupid prices and prefer to use the phone just to check mails and for my laptop I have a reliance netconnect broadband plus connection which does the trick for me where ever I go :) connectivity is great with reliance.
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  11. sureshkumar

    sureshkumar New Member

    Well said 'Admin'. Its is not feasible for small fry's like me :eek:, And by the way is it available in Pollachi,Tirupur,Udumalpet, coumbatore etc.(tamilnadu)
  12. newprouser

    newprouser Guest

    wow, amazing, what about the speed ?

    I doubt that ! :D
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  13. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker Jedi knight

    @newprouser . According to ITU -"it is expected that IMT-2000 will provide higher transmission rates: a minimum speed of 2 Mbit/s and maximum of 14.4 Mbit/s for stationary users, and 348 kbit/s in a moving vehicle." But he only places were I have heard that such expectations are reached is Japan & Western countries. Whether BSNL is able to reach the expectations , I don't know. .
  14. strider

    strider New Member

    The tariff plan is so rigid. :(
  15. rameshp20

    rameshp20 Guest

    send me latest teriif

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