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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by Preeti_20, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I know someone who has been using BSNL 3G sim in Bangalore for a couple of weeks and when I asked them about the service and speed I was told the following:

    Coverage was widely available in Bangalore, and the signal is varied according to areas.

    Max speed on BSNL 3G is 378kbps for download and 250kbps for upload
    Max speed on BSNL 3.5G is 1102kbps for download and 510kbps for upload
  2. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    It is not good:mad:.............
  3. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I am using MTNL 3G and also used BSNL 3G in multiple cities on roaming.
    Both MTNL & BSNL offers HSDPA service with upto 3 mbps speeds. However, speed depends on the handset used and if handset supports only 3G (unfortunately most of the so called 3G enabled sets from Nokia fall in this group) and not HSDPA, speeds would be limited to 384 kbps.
  4. vinit

    vinit New Member

    whats the speed with da data card ?
  5. mickey

    mickey New Member

    I am not satisfied with downloading and uploading rates. but for video calls(for which 3G is used merely) i find it good.
  6. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Do you have used it.
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes.. i have used video calling facility in my state Uttarakhand..and its good..
  8. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    I have not tried it, I am in Punjab.
  9. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    I'm using Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.Just now I activated my existing 2G SIM to 3G through SMS.
    My 2G SIM Prepaid is of Tamilnadu and I'm now at Trivandrum (Roaming).Tested with a 4 min Youtube Video through Youtube App from Ovi Store.
    Damn its very fast compared to GPRS..

  10. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    It will be faster than GPRS but not as much as the maximum attainable speed in 3 G.:mad:
  11. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes Gagan you are right.. the speed is good for YOutube, vidcalls etc.. but we are not getting what actually we are told we will get with 3G :mad:
  12. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    Just for curiosity I connect my mobile to laptop with USB cable.Checked the bandwidth in 3.5G.The bandwidth shows 931.4kbps.
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  13. puchu

    puchu Member

    that is not the exact speed of the download, that's just the maximum speed supported by your device
  14. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    I didn't say it is the download speed.What I said is "bandwidth"...Actual download speed may be 8 times(approx..) less than that of the bandwidth..
  15. puchu

    puchu Member

    not really
    what you are saying is that the relation between kilobit and kilobyte

    as per your conception
    BW = 931kbps then the download speed should be
    931/8= 120kBps apprx

    but what I am suggesting is that the link speed is 931kbps,
    which means the maximum supported BW is 931kbps = 120kBps approx

    but the download speed may come as low as 256kbps = 32kBps
  16. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    Sorry..Its not my conception...It says here
    I checked with this link only..What it said only I posted here..
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  17. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    You are wrong, dude..........
    The mobile phones connect with PC at 115, 230, 460, 931 kbps of speed. That is the speed of connection between both. You will only get that much speed that is limiting between your mobile and your network.......:)
  18. puchu

    puchu Member


    you still don't understand

    there is difference between real download speed(speed you see in practical while downloading a file) and link speed(maximum bandwidth capability)

    what the site suggests is that the download speed(not the link or connection speed) is
    10mbps = (10/8)mBps = 1.25mBps----------check the difference(caps "B" and small "b")
    why divided by 8

    8bit = 1byte
    => 10 megabit/sec = 10/8 megabytes/sec
    => 10 megabit/sec = 1.25 megabytes/sec

    so there is no relation between download speed and link speed in terms of divided by 8

    both of them can be calculated in bits(b) and bytes(B)
  19. hemantaims

    hemantaims New Member

    Please check on


    whoever is using bsnl 3g.. please test your speed on and tell us what speed you got there.. that will be accurate..
  20. andromeda

    andromeda Member





    So, guys use DATA CABLE and enjoy greater speed :)

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