BSNL 3G sim in Dell XPS laoptop w/ internal mini pci card- No USB dongle and no wires

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by josephrmathias, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. josephrmathias

    josephrmathias New Member

    Hey folks,

    Good news. I have stumbled upon a fantastic find that pertains to BSNL 3G sim using a Dell Wireless 5520 Mobile Broadband which i purchased on Ebay for USD $30. Search google for "Dell Wireless 5520" and you can see it.

    NO Wires NO Dongles NO Tethering

    I have a Dell XPS laptop which has an extra pci mini express card slot and a SIM card slot behind the battery. I stubmled upon the card on E-bay and had it shipped to me from Hong Kong. It took 8 days to arrive.

    With some tweaks and trials of various Dell Broadband software, I got it to work.

    Now I just open my laptop and connect using the Dell Broadband Wireless Card Utility to connect.

    I believe that you can find different pci express cards for different laptops brands including Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Acer etc using acessories search on different manufacturers websites. Then you have to look for the Global Easy Buy option on EBAY. I cant guarantee it cause i havent seen personally.

    Laptop: DELL XPS M1330 Laptop w/ 4GB Memory
    O/s: Windows 7 SP2 (also used on Vista before upgrading)
    Wirelss Modem: Dell Wireless 5520 Internal Mini PCI.
    Cost of Modem: USD$30 (INR 1600 Aprox). :p
    Connection Software Dell Broadband Wireless Card Utility for Vodafone.
    Data Plan: BSNL 3G data plan.
    Time: 3 days of frustrating troubleshooting! :confused:
    Result: Hapiness and freedom from extra wires and ugly USB dongles that tend to break when laptop is on your lap. :D

    Screen shots to follow when i figure out how to upload.

    Disclaimer: This solution works for me. i cant take responsibility for others. I took a risk despite Dell and BSNL telling me it wouldnt work. Trials with DELL AT&T software didnt work but the Dell Vodafone software did. You can also set up using Microsoft DUN.
  2. josephrmathias

    josephrmathias New Member

    Just for reference. I am enclosing a screen shot.

    Notice there is no signal bar and the signal strength is -99dbm (good is ~72-83dbm) and I am still getting 1.15mbps.

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  3. mayurdhwaj

    mayurdhwaj New Member

    can you please elaborate the process and give details about the modem you purchased my system says that i have the wwan modem installed and all the at&t and bsnl setting you created??

    it would be very helpful

  4. swift

    swift New Member

    dell have that inbuilt sim card slot not all laptops have you have to purchase a pci card and you get the 3g sim working on the laptop

    you spend 30 dollars( 1357 rs) for that so lower than a 3g modem but what is the hspa specification??
  5. mayurdhwaj

    mayurdhwaj New Member

    can you please specify the details of the mini pci card that you mentioned and from where can i purchase it??
  6. swift

    swift New Member


    I personally recommend you to buy a 3g usb modem rather than a pci modem which is easier also you can use it in another pc or laptop if you want as there is no physical installation required..moreover if your laptop is still covered by warranty then this process may void it.

    I have read somewhere that uncompatible card made some bios problem in the laptop you may need a technician's help if you are not sure of installing it.

    ..pls give your exact laptop model so that let me google out to find if there is sim slot in your model and what pci card would suit your lappy.
  7. mayurdhwaj

    mayurdhwaj New Member

    its a dell studio 1555
  8. swift

    swift New Member

    did you check if it has a wwan card already installed or not you can go to device manager and check.if not then i think you can use dell 1520 or 1530 but make sure about compatiblity from the dealer before you pay money.
  9. hatzaw

    hatzaw New Member

    Hi! Can you tell me where i can get a wwan mini pci-e 3g card for my lenovo s10-3? I'm from hyderabad and has been unsuccessful so far. The ones available on ebay (i checked today) cost more than Rs. 60,000!
  10. harishnm

    harishnm New Member

    Hi want to use the same for dell studio 1537


    I want to configure WWAN card for dell studio 1537, how to start and proceed...where will I get the required hardware and the drivers ?

    thanks & regards


    I want to configure WWAN card for dell studio 1537, how to start and proceed...where will I get the required hardware and the drivers ?

    thanks & regards
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  11. abdeali

    abdeali New Member

    the max speed of u r pci card is only 3.6 mbps, all other members r buying atleast 7.2 mbps card.
  12. harishnm

    harishnm New Member

    which wwan card suited for dell studio1537 for highspeed 7.2mbps ? and where can i buy one, which works in India...

    thanks and regards
  13. blankball

    blankball Banned

    Do you have details for Dell Vostro 3500?

    First off, great work and congrats! :)
    I have a Dell Vostro 3500 and I was wondering if you had similar tips for this Dell Laptop as well.... Any details are appreciated...

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  14. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    hey swift..

    I own the new dell xps L501x

    I know that my lap has a sim card slot. but i want to know wat card would fit my lap.

    can u please suggest me the best card.. i need atleast 7.2 mbps pci card..

    thanks in advance.. ;)
  15. VKS79

    VKS79 New Member

    Required Drivers

    Hello Friends
    Here I am new to this page. I am wondring for Drivers for My Dell Vostro 1400
    WWAN card 5520 (EU870D HSDPA 3G WWAN Card) for Windows XP & VISTA. Can some one help me. As i tried it with Dell but they also don't have the drivers for the same but they have utility only. I found some other utilitiy for WWAN card.

    Thanks in advance.
  16. Itz_Me!!!

    Itz_Me!!! New Member

    Hi Guys, I recently bought the Dell Vostro V131 with Dell Mobile Broadband from US (Details of the Hardware mentioned below). Now I want to use the Mobile Broadband in India with MTNL 3G Service in Delhi. Please guide me how to proceed as I don't want to mess up things before getting directions and guidance from the seniors :)
    Hardware Details
    Manufacturer: Novatel Wireless, Inc.
    Technology: 1XRTT/EV-DO
    Device Model: Dell Wireless 5630 (EVDO-HSPA) Mobile Broadband Mini-Card

    Dell Mobile Broadband Utility
    Version 3.00.74 Build 002
    Settings Version 1.59.328
    SDK Version
    Driver Version
  17. rasikendra09

    rasikendra09 New Member

    No device detected

    hi i have same configuration with win vista.unable to operate it as dell application shows no device detected .pls help if possible. thanks...
  18. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    This is a CDMA-EVDO model. will not support MTNL3G which require a GSM-HSDPA model.
  19. Itz_Me!!!

    Itz_Me!!! New Member

    So can I use any other CDMA 3G Card for net browsing? Please let me know the application for activating the card to access Indian Networks.
  20. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    Then how come he is using BSNL 3G in that???

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