BSNL 3G Migration and and useful info for chennai and Tamilnadu

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    Permanent Migration from 2G to 3G

    Migration from BSNL 2g to 3G (Prepaid)

    send sms M3G120 to 53733

    Customer will receive the following SMS.
    “Your Request for 3G conversion received .Conversion back to 2G later will be
    only to Prepaid General plan. To confirm please send M3G120Y to 53733 BSNL
    If agreeable customer will send the following confirmation SMS.
    M3G1202Y to 53733

    send sms M2G to 53733


    Activate 3G in BSNL 2G for short period.

    send sms ACT3G to 53733 - activates 3g for 30 days. Deducts Rs 21
    Then Recharge with 3g data vouchers and 3g data topup vouchers.

    Method2 :
    By using any one of the 3G data RCVs (MRP 275, 439, 606, 716, 1102, 1499- through C-Top-up only).

    for both methods above,Beyond free usage: 1p/10KB is charged.

    Method1: send sms DACT3G to 53733 or after 30 days it will get deactivated automatically.
    Method2: Recharge with 2g data voucher.

    BSNL Mobile Codes - Free no charge for sms[Mobile]-a%20customer%20handbook.pdf

    3G Migration(Both pre and Post paid)

    Anyone please correct if any mistake on the above.

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