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  1. ajitkushwaha

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    BSNL 3G services are being launched in my city, I have purchased Micromax data card MMX300G 3G USB DATA MODEM, I am not getting good speed. Can any body have the same device can tell me that when the speeds are going to improve. BSNL staff are saying that 3G network is under test. Is anyone using this device please tell me what speed u get on bsnl 3G network.
  2. aktmnr

    aktmnr New Member

    Hey ajitkushwaha can you please post the review about the speed and quality of service you are getting on BSNL 3G network.
  3. wprayalu

    wprayalu New Member


    I'm from Sambalpur/Orissa. I have recently purchased a MMX300G - 3G modem from BSNL with No. . Since beginning never I could surf the web continuously for 5 minutes. Worst service. I have recharged for a trial pack of Rs. 120/- for 100MB. Though, there are no bites coming in from the modem, with every disconnection Rs.2.98/- has been deducted from my account. The entire trail pack was exhausted without any fruitful use. Data pulse rate offered with BSNL 3G services is per 1MB. You use it or not (whom ever the fault may be) with every dial up call u will be charged the the same rate. They should make the pulse rate per KB or 10KB. Of course, cheap prices for data connections means BSNL (their services has also gone cheap. here cheap means worst). Their customer service is also worst. The people who sits at he customer care desks don't know any thing. To have a discussion with customer care center, you have to waste at least 30 minutes of your time. Even then, it is not sure that your problem is addressed well. The BSNL people still thinks that they are Sarkari babus. They are nothing to do with the profits of the company. With the present trend, it will be very difficult for them to survive in competitive markets. If you want to go for any services of the BSNL, always go for post paid ones. Use unlimitedly and dont pay the bills. Always you can find lapses on their side.
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  4. ajitkushwaha

    ajitkushwaha New Member

    I think BSNL 3G data modem is being promoted to give 7.1 mbps speed much better than dataone broadband but I dont know the reality.
    So, people who is using BSNL 3G data modem MMX300G can give me feedback on this device.
  5. kapilg604

    kapilg604 New Member

    Can you please suggest if this is compatible with Reliance/TATA Network which are CDMA based.

  6. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i dont think that it is able to do with bsnl card on other networks.. cause it may have some default internal settings which cannot be changed..
  7. ajitkushwaha

    ajitkushwaha New Member

    bsn 3g modem

    speed is good but roaming is costly
  8. vinit

    vinit New Member

    tata and reliance use evdo technology which is different from hsdpa which is used by bsnl
  9. follis

    follis New Member

    There is not too much difference
  10. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    Only as much as the difference between a petrol and a diesel engine.
  11. ramli7

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    USB data cards

    Basically two technologies are followed for mobile services. CDMA and GSM.

    2G and 3G are common for both. CDMA data cards are called EV-DO and GSM data cards as 3G by BSNL which is not fair.Actually the 3G cards should be called as GSM cards.

    EV-DO data cards have RUIM (Re Usable Identification Module) and 3G(GSM) data cards have SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) type inserts.

    CDMA relates: IS95A (2G), IS95B (2G+), 1x RTT and 1x EV-DO release 0 (3G), 1x EV-DO rev A , rev B (3G+)

    GSM relates : GPRS (2G), EDGE (2.5G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G), HSUPA (3.75G)

    So you can check the device and the offered service with the above specifications.:)

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