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    BSNL 3G Data Card!

    If you are really looking for a wireless internet connection that can give you the real feel of high speed broadband connection then you should try the BSNL 3G Data Card. The broadband internet access card from BSNL has been surprisingly to all internet users. It has been a blessing to those who were looking for hassle free internet connection while traveling throughout the nation as well as abroad.

    The BSNL 3G Data Card are meant for all sorts of internet activities and are highly useful to those who need internet to check emails anytime one wishes and from any place. The 3G data cards help one to work and move and have fun. The simplest yet the most powerful internet access tool right now in Indian market are the BSNL 3G data card. In fact BSNL has been the first to launch 3G services in India and they have really excelled in the field of providing high speed broadband internet connections.

    The features of BSNL 3G Data Card:
    * Provides wireless broadband connection to Laptops & Desktops.
    * The speed of connectivity is nearly 25 times faster and is nearly up to 3.6 Mpbs.
    * There is no complicated installation system just Plug & Play!
    * Fastest uploads at a speed up to 1.8Mbps
    * Flawless network across majority of towns and villages in India.
    * The wireless connectivity and coverage area of BSNL 3G include most places across the nation and also provide international roaming to most destinations in the world.
    * Provides simple and instant access to mega fast speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. You are free from the messy wires and can be connected while you are in your car to your office or back home.

    Two Types of BSNL 3G data cards:
    There are two types of BSNL 3G data cards- USB and Express/PCMCIA Cards.

    Types of USB 3G Card from BSNL
    USB Type MMX 300G Micromax MMX 300G; Micromax E156G Huawei E156 Huawei; E176 Huawei Option 210 Capital; Option 315 Capital; SimU6T Capital; Simcom Express/PCMCIA Option GT Express Capital; & SIM Express 7.2 Capital.

    Type of 3G Express Card
    Merlin X950D Express Card 3G data card; Merlin XU870 Express Card 3G data card; Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2 3G data card; Option Globe Trotter Express HSUPA 3G data card; & Sierra Wireless Air Card 880E 3G data card.

    How to use BSNL 3G Data Card?
    All you have to do is plug in the 3G data card into your laptop and get the fastest available connections having the speed of broadband. You have download speed of nearly 1.8 Mbps. It is simple and the compact design makes it very easy to swap it between laptops and use at work.

    Plans of Prepaid BSNL 3G Data Card:
    MBV 250: * Tariff – Rs. 250/-
    * Free data usage – 300MB
    * Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
    * Validity – 1 month

    MBV 400: * Tariff – Rs. 400/-
    * Free data usage – 1GB
    * Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
    * Validity – 1 month

    MBV 650: * Tariff – Rs. 650/-
    * Free data usage – 2GB
    * Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
    * Validity – 1 month

    MBV 1000: * Tariff – Rs. 1000/-
    * Free data usage – 5GB
    * Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
    * Validity – 1 month

    MBV 3001: * Tariff – Rs. 3001/-
    * Free data usage – Unlimited ;) much better than Reliance Netconnect card
    * Validity – 1 month

    In case you run out of your monthly data usage then you can buy the additional data package at the following packages.
    * Rs.120 – 100MB
    * Rs.225 – 300MB
    * Rs.260 – 500MB
    * Rs.330 – 1GB
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    Ok, this sounds very nice but, I've checked their web but can't find info
    Does this work in Rajasthan places like Bundi, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Baratpur, Udaipur etc
    In Delhi? In Varanasi? in Kolkata?

    How do yo buy it, I just can't see any ordering information at all
    or can I buy it in any store in India?
    Do I need passport and visa copy and photo aso?

    Sorry if I'm inte wrong thread :confused:
  3. krgauravit

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    Can any body tell me the price of USB 3g data card model .
  4. Unregistered

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    it toooo high... 2Rs/sec
  5. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    Its around 3500
  6. saiganga

    saiganga Guest

    how to check 3g data card, how much data used ?

    plz tell me how to check usage of bsnl 3g data card of micromax.
  7. enkera

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    i have recently purchased micromax MMX300G usb modem, with BSNL 2G connection.
    speed is not an issue..
    the main issue is that device is getting dissconnected after 10 - 15 minutes of operation ......
    one of my friend also getting the same problem.

    the signal strength is ok in my area ,also i have tested my device in various locations n its still pursuing the same problem.

    i cannot resume my downloads my downloads with IDM as after every 10 -15 min it is getting dissconnected.

    my friend is using huawei modem n he is facing no such problem....

    plz help
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    I have bought a BSNL 3G data card. After installing the software in the USB I found that the software was not working and so I uninstalled and tried to reinstall. However, now my machine (Dell Inspiron) fails to read the contents of the USB (though it detects the USB as a removable drive). I checked this USB data card on another machine and that is able to read the contents of the USB datacard. Can someone please help
  9. kats1201

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    it happend to me also in my brothers lap.. u gotta search for the driver utility software for the particular data card online. u can do it in google.

    micromax has that kinda issue of gettin disconnected every few mins. try to talk to the person from whom u got the data card. and exchange it with huawei thats best in my option. if ur wallet is thick enough then throw away the micromax and get a huawei models like e173 and k4505 are good

    the price depends on the speed and config of data card.. wat speed u are looking for ?
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  10. this is due to windows registry error as prev. driver-programme's registry entries conflicting with the device.
    use ccleaner to clean registry and then plug your usb device into your pc (but this time, on a different usb port). and it will work like charm.
  11. ramli7

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    Put the card in another machine. Don't install the SW.( Cancel installation ) Copy all files from the cd drive partition (shown for datacard ) with a pen drive and use the same for installing in the first machine and can keep it as a backup copy also. :)

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