BSNL 3G Data Card Disconnection Issues - Solution!

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  1. fulsunder

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    The BSNL 3G data card card gives blazing fast speeds but comes with a downside...It gets disconnected frequently! This way you cannot fire and forget your downloads. It may get disconnected as soon as it see's your back.

    There is workaround for this problem. That is to use windows dial-up.

    This works for me and should work for you, still DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!. I dont take any responsibilty of something going wrong to your system.

    1) I assume that you have installed the bundled software inside the USB 3G data card and you can connect the 3G internet form it AND the device is connected to the system.

    2) Open Device Manager. The "HSPADataCard USB Modem" should be listed there. Right click to open properties. In the open window choose the "Advanced" tab. In the 'extra initialization commands:' enter at+cgdcont=1,"IP","bsnlnet". click OK to close the window.
    Find attached images

    3) From Control Panel open "Network and Sharing Center". From the left hand pane click "Change Adapter Settings". You should see a dial-up connection for your 3G Modem.Right click and choose properties. Select the "General" Tab. In the Phone Number box enter *99# Create a shortcut to the dial-up connection on your desktop. (If not you will have to create Dial-up connection in "Network and Sharing Center". See bottom of the post)

    Find attached images

    4) Select the "Options" tab make changes as follows :

    Check "Display progress while connecting"
    Uncheck all others.
    Enter "Redial attempts" 99
    Enter "Time between redial attempts" 1 Second
    Enter "Idle time before hanging "never"

    Check "Redial if line is dropped"

    Click OK
    Find attached images

    Right Click the dial-up connection and click "Connect"
    Your internet should be running now.

    Now windows automatically attempts to connects to the modem if line is dropped.

    Note: Dont connect through your BSNL software! It should stay running in the background. you may minimize it to sys tray.

    [To Create Dial-up connection open "Network and Sharing Center". Click "Setup a new connection or network". Click next. Follow the instructions. Enter phone no as *99# when prompted. Leave username and password blank when prompted.]

    ref: sorry I was not allowed to post URL's

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  2. niroop

    niroop New Member

    hey bro i have done as u have suggested.
    I connected using our method.
    I will try and check for a download this night and report the result
    Hope dis works
    thank u in advance
  3. niroop

    niroop New Member

    this is working perfect
    i kept my download at 1130pm and it stayed connected till morning 6am
    thank u bro
    i downloaded 6gb
  4. skinhead

    skinhead New Member

    seems to work

    Hi Fulsunder,
    Thanks, your tip seems to work, have just tried it and yes, it does redial as you said. Its very kind of you to take the time to write the post. May the force be with you!
  5. mickey

    mickey New Member

    sorry whats that???:confused:
  6. fulsunder

    fulsunder New Member

    Happy, the tip was useful to you all!
  7. anjankobita

    anjankobita New Member

    it works budddy......thanks a lot.....
  8. j_arpit003

    j_arpit003 New Member

    That works...Thanks a ton!
  9. jignesh_modi

    jignesh_modi New Member

    thanks.....:D:) but please also provide windows 7 settings also...
  10. anjankobita

    anjankobita New Member

    IS this for WINDOWS XP SP 3:confused:
  11. johndoe104102

    johndoe104102 New Member

    Disconnections can also be avoided by using auto-reconnect feature in most of the download managers...
  12. Hey dude...

    I tried your settings but the problem is download race away like anything
    but the browsing gets stopped.

    After the above settings applied download goes but cannot connect Google Talk or open up a web page in the browser.

    Can you suggest what can be the problem ??
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  13. fulsunder

    fulsunder New Member

    Dont think it has anything to do with browsing.
    It keeps the connection alive which should allow you to download and browse simultaneously.

    Pls look for other issues. Try another browser or try limiting the download manager speed.

    Still the above settings are necessary.

    It also works when you are not downloading...just browsing or any other net related task.

    This is done in windows 7 itself.

    Why not give a try?
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  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    cant redial timing be set below 1 second??
  15. Yeah got you....
    Now its working fine

  16. saahilpatel

    saahilpatel New Member

    Thanks a lot

    Your post was really helpful thank you very much
  17. ramritharaj

    ramritharaj New Member

    Worked very well.!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It worked perfectly. :D

    Can you explain whats these string means or does? :confused:
    enter at+cgdcont=1,"IP","bsnlnet

    Where you find out this? What it does?

    Though i have done this already and it connects whenever connection drops.
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  18. shardha

    shardha New Member

    Works on two net connections ?


    I use bsnl 3g connection alternating with another connection.
    Will it affect my other connection if I make the above settings suggested by fulsunder ?
    I need to use both the connections alternatively, may need to change any time whilst still working.
  19. skkp2000

    skkp2000 New Member

    BSNL 3G Issues

    Planning to buy BSNL 3G, here are few tips.

    First and Foremost check whether you are having the 3G singal from where you will access the internet. Get your friends 3G sim and check the signal strength from ur access point. If there is atleast 3 bars you are done. Else the flow chart stops here.

    Now you can proceed buying the 3G datacard. Install it start using that.

    Now the issues get to roll on.....

    Issue No# 1 : internet gets disconnected very often.

    check the signal strength, if thats really bad use and USB extender and put the USB dongle out of the window. thats what i am doing right away, it really works :)

    Install the patch from Microsoft
    Install the microsoft hotfix patch number KB925681

    Issue No# 2 : Payment Mode

    Yes, u can recharge online, Here is the link

    happy browsing,,

  20. amins123

    amins123 New Member

    I have done this since long before, infact, advised by BSNL Tech still gets disconnected..but it re-dials though. However, after about 5-6 such disconnections and stops connecting and goes on re-dialing for on and on and on until I take out the USB and plug it in again....Any solution ????

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