BSNL 2g to 3g sim convertion by sending sms

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by jesse, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. jesse

    jesse New Member

    I am a new user of bsnl noida (UP west) & have a 2g sim purchased recently & now when I landed in kolkatta which is 3g area & I activated it to convert 3g plan by sending following sms

    1) Send sms M3G120 TO 53733
    2) Wait until you get a confirmation sms and follow instructions to send sms M3G120 Y to 53733
    3)Wait for some more time – approx 1hr to get another welcome message for 3g. Restart your mobile and you shall see the 3g signals.

    Convert Bsnl 2g Prepaid sim to 3G sim | Mobile India

    I actually did this from a 2g mobile so I am not sure if 3g got activated or not, as of now I am using K4505 3g modem & only getting connected to 2g EDGE network which is painfully slow speed & cant even open the gmail accounts.

    I get the following connection in mobile partner software
    HSDPA cellone bsnl mobile
    WCDMA cellone bsnl mobile
    EDGE cellone bsnl mobile
    signal varies 15-48%
    speed 150kbps only

    I tried asking some mobile shops for data recharge vouchers of 3g & they were clueless about how to convert the 2g sim to 3g.

    Is there a way to confirm if the 3g is activated or not?
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  2. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Is it necessary to convert the connection to 3G? I am having 2G SIM & a 3G enabled Nokia Phone. My home is at present not covered under 3G service (Officially) But when I change to UMTS my cellphone picks up 3G signal and I can make video calls. But after changing to Dual mode it shows 2G only.

    Now my question is if I send SMS for conversion to 3G then shall I get the 3G signal in Dual mode also? please reply
  3. jesse

    jesse New Member

    How & where do you see the option to change to UMTS, I cant find that option in Mobile partner nor in MDMA software? Can you please post some screen shots showing that option.

    Found a good explanation to various protocols by another users Ramli7
    I called up kolkata CC & they told me that option of converting 2g to 3g is no more possible but you may call your local CC in UP west. I was whole day in kolkata 3g area but no way I ever picked up 3g signal.

    I went to a BSNL store in shivpur near botanical garden but they dont have a demo of 3g sim & they too confirmed that 2g to 3g migration is not possible.

    So I am completely confused.
  4. abhitp

    abhitp New Member


    don't need any sending SMS.
    just select 2G or 3G signals by configuring handset only.

    You can see 3G signals are present or not in your area[not even for BSNL, other operators also] by using 'manual operator selection' and you'll get a list.then see whose providing 3G/2G signals.
    [*NOTE: for some handsets ONLY, I used Blackberry Storm2 but my Nokia 6020 not showing 2G/3G operator list, however its not 3G enabled mobile]
  5. jesse

    jesse New Member

    I will try this tomorrow but I finally managed to speak to UP west CC guy who confirmed that my 2g sim is indeed converted to 3g now but also confirmed that bsnl is having temporary problem with speed hence I am not getting speeds as it should be.
    While relinace 3g is working perfectly fine in the areas I am moving around.

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