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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by cooljat, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. cooljat

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    Hi guys,

    I recently took a 500C broadband connection at home and its doing good but I'm unable to check my usage details thro' DUFv2.

    It works fine to check office broadband usage details but it just doesn't work at home with my new connection.

    I visited BSNL office once and they asked me to use portal uid and usage detail portal, it works on this but its not that user friendly and doesn't give comprehensive details like DUF gives!!

    Am kinda fade up with this portal thingy and I wud highly appreciate if someone tell me how can I use DUF to check it.

    PS: BSNL gives me user id of regular surname types while in office its lil more professional jpxxxxxxx (x:fone no)

    Looking forward to hear frm you!

    Rock on
  2. tabin1

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    I dont know about DUF

    you can check it on

    Thank you
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  3. whitestar_999

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    bsnl older customers having IP 59.x.x.x can use DUF successfully while newer customers having IP 117.x.x.x have to use portal ID to check usage & usage page is different from older customers & it keeps getting changed frequently & that's why DUF don't work correctly on it as DUF writer can't possibly write a new program as soon as bsnl changed it's portal page.anyway bsnl's new portal(not BSNL Portal is not that bad & shows some good can even select the time period for which usage can be shown & you can export results to also shows MAC address of computer used so that you can immediately know if any one else is using your account because MAC address is unique for each computer.
  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Where does it show MAC address? I am unable to find that info.

    OK. Scratch my last comment. The details are available when you export the data to Excel.
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  5. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    it used to show the PC's MAC address right there in portal page before but now it can be seen only in excel results.the main problem however is i can only see the MAC address when i click on the cell using office 2007 after getting an error msg"file is in different format than specified by file extension" & not right there in the office 2003 displaying the results correctly?

    edit---->OK!i figured it out.the file which bsnl portal export is actually a .html file which saves with a .xls(excel format)extension.when you try to open such file with excel 2007 excel will give a warning & that's why mac address was not visible as such in the sheet.a simple workaround for this if you are using excel 2007 is simply rename extension to .html from .xls & you can open the file in firefox to see the complete MAC address.

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