Broadband Providers & their Tariff

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    Broadband Providers & their Tariff

    BSNL Broadband:
    BSNL Dataone

    MTNL Broadband:
    MTNL - Mumbai
    MTNL Triband - Delhi

    Airtel Broadband: Select your City first
    Airtel Broadband

    Reliance Broadband:
    Postpaid Plans
    Postpaid Combo Plans
    Prepaid Plans
    Prepaid Combo Plans

    Tata Indicom Broadband Select your City first
    Prepaid Tariffs
    Postpaid Tariffs

    Sify Broadband: Select your city

    Hathway Broadband:

    YOU Broadband:

    Railwire Broadband:

    If u have more, post here with prices or site.
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    great post rameshjee :clap:
    repo for you :)
  3. iChaitanya

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    Informative! :D
  4. player

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    gr888 post thanks
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  6. itsmemad

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    Good work buddy! :thumbup1:
  7. bbindia

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    Thaks for your efforts to compile this great list.... !
  8. sb21pro

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    nice info jee , this will be very nice for comparisons
  9. just4kix

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    Actually, I had started working on a comparison table but gave it up half way...

    May be jee.ramesh can complete the work?

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  10. Rameshjeee

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    Yeah sure,will look @ the attachement @ home.In office,its blocked.
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    Great work dude.

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  12. jatinder911

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    ur link on reliance is not correct,

    updated link.
    :: Reliance Broadband ::
  13. just4kix

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    That is the reason why I gave up on creation of the informative guide.

    The URLs change and so do the plans.
  14. jatinder911

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    reliance is insane they have 2 sites for "Broadband" one shows latest plans is called "reliance Broadnet" and another "reliance Broadband" which is older one if somebody visit that old link then he will be shocked to see bandwidth rentals!! don't know why old site is still on their server it can mislead anyone.


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