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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by vccrest, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. vccrest

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    i wanted to know about the various broadband providers in nagpur (south/west). Reliance, Airtel etc - do they provide services in nagpur ?? I currently have BSNL broadband and i am extremely unhappy with that.

    * also if anybody knows why my BSNL broadband connection keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all day - its very frustrating.

    I will appreciate if somebody could help me with any information on above.

  2. robert_0007

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    Post your SNR value here. I think you should make a complain to BSNL rather than finding other ISPs.
  3. raj81112

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    hi vccresr i also from nagpur and i am also unhappy from bsnl broadband b'coz here in nagpur their is a line problem my connection also terminated every 5min or less than 5min here no one can take action b,coz line is underground .
  4. essbebe

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    @vccrest and @raj811121.

    We need the name of the "patient" , sorry Modem make model.

    2. Then the "blood test" showing SNR ATTN mod etc.
    Specimen report ;

    3. assuming "Pulse" speed etc are ok !!!

    4. See "XRAY" annexure for set up.
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  5. matrix

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    If you are in ADSL2+ disable that mode and notice. I too have this disconnection in ADSL2+
  6. nilaynashikkar

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    There is no airtel or reliance broadband available in nagpur :(, Only Tata Indicom , Sify and In2cable net is available. Out of them Tata indicom is the best. I am also from Nagpur(Bharat Nagar) and came to know that TAta indicom is not feasible in our area.

    All are very unhappy with BSNL :) I had my net + phone dead for 6months :) , but now they have put new cables , and net is back with bang!!

    Book a complaint to 198 , press 1 for english --->dial your telephone no.---> Press 1 if the no. is correct-->then press 4 for broadband problems.

    Then the BSNL guys will come to check your line.
  7. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    Now all have advantage of asking concession on billing amount if the line goes dead for more than 3 days.

    dead for 3 - 7 days, concession = 7 days
    dead for 8 - 14 days, concession = 15 days
    dead for 16 - 30 days, concession = 30 days

    so thats why even BSNL is giving very good service now, when you give a complaint they will attend it the same day...! :)
  8. max_demon

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    Hi, Sorry for Bumping Old thread , but its always better to post in an existing thread rather than creating new one..

    I also have simmilar problem as OP, I was so frusted with my bsnl that i banished it completly, but left with no options now, as the reliance Wireline broadband isnt available at my area (north nagpur) so please can someone suggust me some alternatives.. i specifically need infinity connection max. budgut is 1k
  9. essbebe

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  10. max_demon

    max_demon New Member

    holy , airtel is availeble?? i thought they didnt yet started the service,, i would prefer without FUP as i am heavy downloader
  11. essbebe

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  12. Rcom

    Rcom Guest

    Steer clear from Airtel if you aim to download/upload like crazy because none of their plans comes without FUP, you can try Reliance if available because Rcom don't apply FUP on UL plans.
  13. max_demon

    max_demon New Member

    I have tried to get reliance wireline connection but here the manager is saying that my area isnt covered
  14. sfcnagpur

    sfcnagpur New Member

    Please Check UR Spliter and other Joint

    Spliter points may be rusted

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