bought tatasky hd ..... its really worth it

Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by heartrocker22, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. heartrocker22

    heartrocker22 New Member

    i just upgraded from tatasky to tatasky hd and i must say it does make difference.....

    i bought lg led 42le5500 last week and connected my normal tatasky to it so say least picture quality was satisfactory .......

    yesterday bought hd setup box and i must say picture even non hd channels looks great ..... waitng for hd channels to get activated customer care told it takes 48 hrs to activate ..

    well for guys who want to buy hd setup box go for it .....
  2. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    i caught you, you are a tata sky promoter or something.
    By the way, how much money you earn by selling these ads here and there in the different forums. you can pm me the amount.......
  3. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Let us know what your experience with HD was like!

    What makes you think he is someone promoting Tata Sky?
  4. liberal

    liberal New Member

    How is the user interface experience? Are you using HDMI cable for connectivity to Plasma or LCD display? etc Not much details here...
  5. abdulmomin

    abdulmomin New Member

    Isko laga daala to museebat ko paala :)

    Tata Sky Satellite TV is off to a great start as far as numbers go, I believe it must have enlisted a record number of people in its few months of existence. But numbers aren’t everything, as the market will start to saturate, customer satisfaction will be the key. But Tata Sky does not seem to realise this, choosing to ignore customers wont get you anywhere. Everywhere when you ask a Tata Sky customer, if he is satisfied, the answer is a straight ‘NO’. But does Tata sky care ? It definitely doesnt seem like it.

    Tata Sky first went wrong when it stopped listening to the consumer, take the whole Neo Sports, Start sports and ESPN for example. None are available in the sports section and cleverly hidden in premium priced packs.
    There has been no improvement, no digital audio channels were added as earlier promised. Little interactive content is present on Tata Sky, personally I don’t prefer to watch stupid star news all the time.

    Then there is the bit about (allegedly) being the most advanced satellite TV service of India. Lets see what we have in India, no Internet, pathetic CD quality picture, Zero Telecast during rain (even if there is no thunder), no Digital Video Recorder, no toll free redressal mechanism, the abuse of the set top box alert system for spamming about Showcase movies etc and the forced adverts on the homescreen whenever you turn it on!

    The customer service number is actually undialable. You have to make an STD call to Chandigarh everytime you have a problem or wish to recharge.

    And what’s with the new so called packs, very cleverly designed by the people at Tata Sky, quietly keeping a few channels out from each pack so consumers are forced to take the whole bouquet. They should make it on a per channel basis also after the packs, so if one channel is missing from a pack, the consumer does not have to upgrade the whole package, but can buy that one channel after paying Rs.5.

    Their website is also not navigable, it has little information and does not work in Firefox, they should probably fire their web designers and sue them for making the pathetic website. To people looking to get a TV service, i recommend waiting for Reliance and other players before taking the plunge !

    When Tata Sky first came on people were happy that their local Cable operator a.k.a. goon wont be able to fleece anymore. True, but little do they realise that Tata Sky is no honest service. They own your dish, the installation warranty expires after one year and then , if their dish gets damaged you will have to pay for it. If wiring gets broken, its absolutely your liability not theirs. (was horrified at the straight denial given by the customer care when I called them for support I was already more than a year with them, instead of praising my loyalty they straightaway refused service saying that since your 1 year warranty is over you will have to bear ALL MAINTENANCE / SUPPORT COSTS. I was really heartbroken and amazed at the kind of treatment done to old customers, where is the loyalty benefit with these guys, nothing. You be loyal to them and they will give you stab at the back when you ask for support!

    Stay away from this nasty service friends…take ANY other company but dont fall into the advertising gimmicks, huge glitter and big names like Amir endorsing it. (Of course I am a big fan of his, but feel pity that he didn’t see this flaw before endorsing the product)

    Whats the use when you cant get support when you need it the most. When you need support after one will be kicked in the stomach!

    Isko laga daala to museebat ko paala :)
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