Bomb blasts in Bombay

Discussion in 'News and views' started by Parminder, Jul 14, 2011.

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    There were a few bomb blasts in Bombay last night which killed 21 people as per news and there are a lot of injured as well.

    The places that were shown on TV looked like very crowded places and I believe tere must have been a lot of cc tv cameras around so whats stopping the police from finding out who planted those bombs?

    Does this have to do something with America holding a few hundred million dollars of aid to Pakistan?
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    No, this is possibly the misuse of our trust on our "in-home" traitors. :(

    Chidamabaram says thanks God for "Too-less" explosions in these times as compared to before. (so at last the seculars too believe that there is God and he is the one who is running the Govt. not them)
    Rahul Gandhi says 1% of explosions couldn't be stopped at all. (This was on a national news channel so he cant edit and post again):mad:
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    while the perpetrators of the crime, feel that they are sincere to what they believe, and work with plan and dedication to cause max possible damage, the people at governance, calculate the misery of public, in percentages. after all what we cant resolve and cure, may have to be endured, though like gulping poison.

    when a life is lost by medical negligence, the doctor concerned expresses it as a case of 0.x% failure . otherwise all OK. But for the family, all 100% is Lost.
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    these recurring bomb blasts are a result of the fact that the people responsible behind these activities are roaming freely none of the accused since the 93 blasts are convicted even if put behind bars they are later released on bail
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    I wonder if the people who planted those bombs have been identified from the CCTV footages. That diamond market is an important spot from tax revenue point of view atleast because those guys do a lot of business there and I wonder why the government of Maharashtra cant spend a few thousand rupees to install 10-15 CCTV cameras with good resolution so no one would dare to repeat this act again due to fear of being recognized from the recordings.
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    Yes it was really a shocking news when i heard this ... i think this time govt should take strickt action against who did this..

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