Binatone Wifi Modem DT845w


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I also have the binatone modem with firmware DT4W-A5.008.
I did not do any firmware downgrade like it is suggested in many places.
Following is the configuration which worked for me.

PVC0: (Activated)
VPI:0 VCI: 35
Servicename: dataone
Username: <BSNL_Username>
Password: <BSNL_Password>
(Rest is default)

PVC2: (Activated)
VPI: 2 VCI: 48
ISP: Bridged Mode
Encapsulation: 1483 Bridged IP LLC
(Rest is default)

Also, deactivate all other PVCs if not already done.

Reboot the modem once done for the changes to take effect.

I have a binatone DT845W wireless Adsl2+ router.... i used this router for airtel and now i have a bsnl connection...can u help me config it?