Binatone DT815 modem configuration

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by rajagopalpv, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. rajagopalpv

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    I'm trying to configure Binatone DT845W modem (for Airtel). I am trying to use, admin/password...It is not recognizing the password and keeps throwing the login window. Even when I was trying to reset the modem, immediately after reset it allows me to login, but for few seconds...then it will throw the login window. Because of this i am not able to change any settings. Can anyone guide me how to bypass this?

    Regards, Rajagopal.
  2. essbebe

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    Binatone DT845W. ( similar to SAM Ax300 BEETEL 450tci/WA3002_G1 ETC SOME differences in each )
    UserId admin PW password ( default values correct )
    try password 1234.
    Could you open any menu pages?
    Check the power adapter.

    RESET the modem to factory settings.
    Use a dialer and try to connect to Airtel BB.
    ( enter userID /PW in system window )

    PS: Usually Airtel will replace the faulty modem .

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  3. postawal

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    Binatone router issues

    HI Essbebe ,

    Thanks a Lot for the directions , i tried it with the router .

    I am also facing the same problems again . The user id /pass is not working and when i am trying to reset it from back by pressing the nob by pin it doesnt reset also.

    2.> i was earlier using airtel , now i am using Tikona . Tokona output is a RJ45 cable , how to use it with Binatone Wireless router ,. Kindly help since service providers do not help .

    priyank .
  4. essbebe

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    Tikona system Network is clearly given for a single user system.
    Either you have it in LAN mode or Wifi mode. for a desktop or LAPTOP.
    ( contact CC )
    If you are planning to use smartphone etc in wifi mode
    won't work.
    Confirm you have OS Windows 7.

    When Binatone is not working no point in the exercise.
    The modem/router must have become faulty.
    Reports about Tikona mostly not satisfactory in this forum.
    Continue in TIKONA forum. Existing thread if any.
    @moderator : Please move thread to Tikona forum.
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    Essbebe, thanks for your reply...however the modem lets me access the menus immediately after I reset it to factory settings. While I am navigating thru the menus, it throws a log in window where it does not accept the default password. And the connectivity works perfectly fine, however I was trying to change the settings like wireless key, SSID etc
  6. essbebe

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    Binatone DT845W modem (from Airtel).

    was trying to change the settings like wireless key, SSID etc
    In Multiple SSIDindex make your own for No 1.
    In No 2 Since the modem is from AIRTEL , one SSID name can be Airtel or mngmt
    with security key 0987654321. This is factory settings and you cannot change it ( and greyed out too) but can use with any ISP!!!
    confirm. ( Menu pages will be same Model different )

    see this thread.

    it throws a log in window where it does not accept the default password.
    Need screen shot of the log in page. ( No internet connection I presume )
    If same page when you enter not needed.

    Seems you can not change ID which remain admin
    Default password for Airtel unit password
    Another PW 1234 may or may not work. peculiarity with these units
    supplied by AIRTEL maybe
    I will try in similar modem beetel 110TCI and update.
    Default values :admin password.


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