Billing Issues with Vodafone/ Inaccurate Bills

Discussion in 'Vodafone Mobile' started by SmoothVibes, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. SmoothVibes

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    I am using vodafone (previously known as hutch) from last about 7 years and from the very first month facing number of billing issues with them, every time they tell me something new about the bill and charges. Last time they provided me 700 rupess compensation (350+350) for wrong charges applied on my 2 different numbers.

    This is not a single time mistake but they keep on doing such things. Before this in year 2007 i found one of my bill where they charged me 100 rupess as late payment fee where my bill was already paid before due date.

    This is something which keeps on happening with me or may be i keep checking my bills time to time.

    Please share/shout your issues faced with vodafone mobile
  2. Archer

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    I am using Vodafone service since last month. I am using Prepaid connection. So, never got billing issues yet. But the one problem I faced was when I tried to activate Vodafone live (GPRS) feature. I followed the instructions given in the websites & got it activated in less than 10 minutes. The problem is when I send SMS to get the configuration to use GPRS. I sent SMS & waited for 2 days. But no reply. Vodafone website was no help. After that I send 9-10 SMS to the same number using different keywords I found in many websites. I also searched for the configuration in Google. But still didn't work.

    I send a detailed email to Customer Care requesting the configuration. I got reply after waiting 3 day with attached configuration in doc file to set it manually. That worked fine.

    The next problem was when I tried to use Opera mini with Vodafone (which is still not resolved till date). I emailed them first about asking whether Opera mini would work with Vodafone or not & they said any 3rd party browser software will work if the phone supports it. I am still waiting for their reply or a solution for this. But now I am think it's not worth the effort. It's taking too much resources & the speed is very low. Even lower than BSNL unlimited GPRS plan. (otherwise I was going to start a thread here about this)

  3. Preeti_20

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    I think this is a common problem with many mobile phone providers when getting a postpaid connection!

    What i can suggest is get a direct debit done so that fund go out of your bank to the mobile provider company, that way no late charges, and even if they so say it, you have proof and instead compensate it from the bank!
  4. Jaganathsamal

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    To use opera mini (or any software) with vodafone (or any service provider) , you need access point settings on ur phone. Call customer care to get it.
  5. Archer

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    I already got the Access point settings from Vodafone Customer Care. And I can access Internet using built-in browser. But Opera mini is not working.
  6. Jaganathsamal

    Jaganathsamal New Member

    If u already have access point settings , select it as default. Try to use any other third party soft. To check whether access point works or not.

    Do manual settings. Visit :

    Note :
    Different settings are required to use internet on built-in-browsers & on third party softwares like opera.
  7. Rameshjeee

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    I'm using Vodafone for the past 5 years (same number). 6 months back I changed to postpaid from prepaid (same number).
    In the 3rd month itself I got a issue. They (Vodafone) added a STD pack (@ Rs 30/month) which I dint subscribe at all. Then I called the CC & they said they will adjust in the next month bill, but it didn't happen. Again I called the CC & shouted @ them. Then in the next month the bill was adjusted & there's no issue till now.
  8. Archer

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    Thanks! I am using Vodafone Live. Not Vodafone Mobile Connect. I tried Opera Mobile trial version and it worked without any problem.
  9. aashaka_gandhi

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    issues wid bill n network.....!!!! but still its got the best network in India!

    looks like everyones got problems after Hutch was takenover by vodafone....!!!!

    I had issues with vodafone 2 months back wherein all of a sudden thy cancelled my sms scheme w/o informing.....i tried checking it with CC n thy told it wud be done in next months bill....but it wasnt than i had to like shout n scream on vodafone CC TL n than finally i got a cheque returned.....for tht amount...!!!

    I even have problems at times for their networks.....specially in some part of the country on romaing.....freaking it works in 3 different states n int he 4th one all of a sudden my services stopped on my both vodafone sims....where as a frens vodafone was working....!!!! i tried calling up CC n asked sumone to go to vodafone branch but really didnt matter......and than at 5th day there...its strted working when i was to return back....!!!!!
  10. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    This is India,there's no service without any problems/issues.....:D
  11. aashaka_gandhi

    aashaka_gandhi De WatEvaa SweetHeart

    LOL.......funny.....!!!!! but true....
  12. kundanbhakuni

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    To be very honest I will be surprised if you get a wrong bill by Vodfaone. Vodafone has a very strong bill calculation methodology and its around 99.6% accurate, therefore you haveing one bad experience is rare. What we blame to incorrect bill is basically our inability to understand the plan or wrong commitment made by DSA which are very hard to be trained. Any service provider in India cannot have on roll people to see you Postpaid at all level, trust me if they did that then you would be more or less complaining about the prices you would be paying for your calls.

    Therefore, it is necesssary to understand before you buy a postpaid:

    • Understand the bill cycle since your usage is calculated according to your bill cycle and not from the day once you activate your SIM. For example your bill cycle is from 1st to 31st of evey month and you got a SIM activated on 15th with 1000 free local minutes, hence for the first 15 days according to your bill cycle you will only get 500 free minutes and you would be chrged rent pro rated i.e. for 15th till 31st. After the first cycle is over you will get your bill as per tariff plan.
    • Make sure you understand to read the bill properly as there are many charges such as CLIP (caller line identification presentation), MCI - rental (missed call alert) etc are incorporated in many plans by default and they are over an above your monthly tariff. Therefore, when you fill up the tariff form please ensure you pick the services after knowing their price and if you require to use them.
    • GPRS in Vodafone is not unlimited tariff plan so please be careful how you use it. I believe the only reason why GPRS is not in unlimited plan in Vodafone is to minimize the use for people who really want to use this service, therefore GPRS of Vodafone is much faster compared to any other ISP. However, the charges can put a great dent on you so be careful and if you just let go an Airtel or TATA, please use your GPRS carefully.
    • The promos such as India @ Re1 and SMS packs do not get activated till 24 to 48 hours TAT (turn around time) therefore please dont assume that once you have sent the activation command they will start automatically. Wait for the conformation and it will be resolved.
    • Nodal officer number which is given in the bill is very useful if you think no one is able to help you, however please understand that one persons plight who is the nodal officer and only escilate your call if you think there is substance in it. Also, if nodal officer doesn't help you that much, trust me E MAIL VIA VODAFONE SITE... they do respond, Vodafone has one of the most efficient correspondence team in the whole world and they are very good at it.
    • And, if you are not cost wary and are ok with letting a little more expensive Swift over 800 since you like quality please only go for either Vodafone or Airtel... others are very bad trust me and Vodafone and Airtel will surely give you better service.
    • Please don't swear at the call center agent as this will not take you anywhere, it's easier to count till 10 and visit one of their Vodafone stores who are really very well trained and are deemed as one of the best kept stores accross south asia.
    • Guys, I believe I have been able to give you some help... it's very easy to blame someone when it comes to money and when we want to try our ignorance... however a little bit precaution will make you realize that most of the complaints in your head are misconceptions.
    Warm regards,

    Kundan Bhakuni
    Bharti Learning Systems
  13. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    I have copy-pasted this entry (which was indeed posted by me) from

    They had disconnected my phone to due non-payment of bills. Its not because i cannot afford the 3k bill, its because i dont get time for paying it before the specified date. Project deadlines and seminars hardly give me anytime to make the payments on time. Hence i got this custom of making a payment of 500/- every week. Means instead of paying the whole 3k or 2k in lumpsum, i make the payment in parts of 500/- every week….

    Some days earlier, i made a payment of 800/-. I wasn’t provided a receipt for the transaction. The cashier mentioned that i would be getting a message by sms. Didnt have the time to argue with him and left them for good. The next day, while traversing along the highway, the car developed some problem and stopped abruptly. The service center number was on a sticker in the front pane, and i decided to give them a call. It was then that i realized that they havent credited my account with 800/- which i had paid earlier. And i was stranded in the highway for 2 hours. And the amount was credited to my account only after 18 hours and my outgoing was released an hour after that.

    That evening i terminated my postpaid corporate account…

    These days am with good old BSNL Prepaid and Reliance CDMA … :)
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  14. saurav_k

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    i am also using VF for 6yrs now - same number - prepaid though ... i never had major problems with false balance deductions etc ... one incident i remember when i officially launched a complain against them:

    VF default call rates were slashed to rs.1 from 1.99 and this was informed to the customers via sms and other media like tv ads etc. for activating this we needed to send a sms to 144 as far as i remember ... after some time they shifted back to the 1.99 default rate plan and this time there was informed to the customers .even VF official site showed the rs.1 plan still existing. i had about rs.40 balance in my mobile and was talking to a few frends in conference over some very serious matter - some misunderstandings ... and suddenly my balance was 0 after a while ... when i called up CC then only i came to know the call rates have been changed to 1.99 and there was no way of knowing this without calling cc ... how would a normal user know this without having the slightest of hint of such rates hike ... i mailed VF over this issue and they ultimately apologized ...

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