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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Nagan, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Nagan

    Nagan New Member

    Recently I changed my plan to combo and was activated around the 18th of this month.Though there is no additional expenses by way of rent how much of free download will be allowed (max 1.5gb) since the connection was from 18th of Feb? I do not want to be caught unaware by BSNL if they claim the extra eligibility for this month is only 0.5gb/28 x 10 Already 1gb is eligible in my old plan , 0.5 gb is the extra. If anyone has a similiar experience pl let know.Thanks!!
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    You will get pro-rated download limit for the first period. For example, if your billing cycle is from 1st of month to end of month and your plan change was on 18th, then you will get pro-rated limit from 18th till 30th, i.e. 13 days. So effectively it is 1.5 GB/13.

    Check your billing cycle from the BSNL invoice.
  3. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I too changed my plan today on 20th from unlimited to 500 combo and i too wonder on how they calculate. From my previous experience with bsnl broadband. I guess they calculate on the days that use that plan rather than for the whole month. Till 18th u will be in the plan of 250 and after that 500 and they bill accordingly.
  4. Nagan

    Nagan New Member

    I checked with the senior accounts officer at BSNL.They have assured that the feature starts from the month beginning RETROSPECTIVELY.That is it will be treated as a connection from the beginning of the month and not pro rata.In case you are personally checking with BSNL officers write here.
  5. Nagan

    Nagan New Member

    As for the bill the BSNL people are true with retrospective limits.But a surprise Security deposit of Rs 500 refundable on cancellation is added on the first bill.So in effect the 500C scheme users receive a Rs 1000 bill on the first month of the scheme.Any difference in opinion??
  6. subusri

    subusri New Member

    r u sure, would the billing cycle be considered as retrospective...say for ex:if we take a plan of 500 and we have done excess download more than the free download and in the mid of the month,we change the plan to home ul plus which is would this case be they would face loss in this case...

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