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Discussion in 'Big TV' started by BhaskarJosh, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. BhaskarJosh

    BhaskarJosh New Member

    What is the customer care no. of Reliance BIGTV? The one that has been mentioned to me doesn’t seem to be working. Has their no. changed? I would be grateful if someone could provide me with the new contact no.
  2. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    No it has not changed. Its same as before

    1860 200 6666
    1800 200 9001 (toll-free)
  3. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer New Member


    1860 200 6666 is not toll free.
  4. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    I know thats why mentioned toll free in front of only second number.

    and there are seperate numbers for Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Other North Eastern States.
  5. suvnaray

    suvnaray New Member

    Whatever it is, it sucks!! The CSR of Big TV are dumb machines, not aware of anything about the product. If you are unfortunate to have bought BIG TV then better register urself on, you will be able to view few details of ur product at least. These dumb agents won't be able to tell you more than whats reflected on this site.

  6. narseth

    narseth Member

    True BigTV customercare have an infamous reputation.
  7. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    apart from customer care there services are good. recharging is easy and to choose a long term plan u just need to call and confirm. Actually my connection is working good from last 2 years and not faced any major problem so cant tell if anybody faced problems with Customer care.

    The only problem till today is remote gone bad so replaced it with a local one nearby TV repair shop
  8. anilrgowda

    anilrgowda New Member

    big Tv Sucks..worst possible Customer Care they take ages to transfer call to Agents..I personally don't recommend to Buy Big TV
  9. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer New Member

    Last week, I tried to call their Toll Free from BSNL landline and it was busy for long. After that, I called the same number using cellphone and the call as gone through.

    I'm just wondering are they deliberately blocking landline !
  10. kunisir

    kunisir New Member

    Does the Custom care really exist for BigTv or a farce?

    I lodged a complaint to the Custom Care unit of BIGTV followed by my payment of Rs 400 to revive the a/c after 3 months of discontinuity,as one of the girls working over there promised me better service onwrds!
    But alas ! It was one of their tricks to extract some more of it out of the dissatisfaction!!
    Now it is already 20 days over now and as promised the RELIANCE ENGINEER is yet to arrive to check the digital alignments of my BIG TV ANTENNA!!

    RELIANCE..YOU are really GREAT? Your TV is BIG, NO?
    The Small Engineers of DISH TV are visitinng our ANANDAPUR area frequently..BUT these BIG ones are never seen..Only we have heard that they exist somewhere and that we need not pay them the 150 RS if they ever come!!!!
  11. New Member

    3D TV and disc player

    Does my 3D TV and disc player need to be from the same manufacturer?
  12. ajit.bandy

    ajit.bandy New Member

    I too lodged a complaint to C Care of Reliance Big TV regarding there inefficiency.Good to know they have not provided me any complaint no. and disconnected the call by saying your complaint is registered.
  13. VIKAS20011

    VIKAS20011 New Member

    Totally agree.. luckilly call got connected but the damn executive was in such a hurry as if he was about to catch a Virar local in a moment...It was just an enquiry from my side for a new connection...thanks God..wud think 100000 times before going for BIG TV...
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