Big tv's multiple tv FRAUD !!!

Discussion in 'Big TV' started by JohnnyG, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. JohnnyG

    JohnnyG New Member

    Big tv is cheating on its "multiple tv" discount scheme. According to this scheme you'll get 50% discount on the second connection in the same home.
    I picked one year pack for my first connection. After 3 or 4 months i decided to get my 2nd connection for another TV in my home. At the time of installation the cable guy told me that i'll be eligible for 50% discount on it, when i'll activate packs on both connections at the same time. Hence i started it on monthly packs without discount.

    When my first one year pack got expired on 9 october 2009, i called up cc to activate one year Diamond pack on both connections.

    Now the shocking part! He told me that i am not eligible for discount on 2nd connection coz i have two separate dishes :eek::eek: WTF :eek: He told that both STBs have to be connected to same dish in order to get discount. WTH :cursing: so whats my fault ???

    They just dont want to give discount..thats it....morons..:angry:
  2. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer New Member

    Well, I think the clause is that you are eligible for dsiscount only if you connect the 2nd TV also to the same dish.
  3. Punch Farce

    Punch Farce New Member

    Why did you have two dishes in the first place?
  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Even I have two dishes (for DishTV) at home. I got two dishes because the dual LNB module was not available. But in my case, I took the two connections on the same day.

    In your case, you should make a complaint to the consumer forum. BigTV cannot deny you the discount because no where it is stated that you must have one dish or multiple dishes. The only condition is that the two connections must be at the same address.

    If BIGTV does not comply, my suggestion is to switch the another provider. Yes. There will be an initial setup cost but in the longer run, the discount that you get from 2nd connection will override the initial setup cost in two years at most.
  5. JohnnyG

    JohnnyG New Member

    Yeah right...this 'single dish' condition doesn't exist and they just making us fool. :mad: i was want to share this issue with you guys.

    btw i have switched to tata sky coz there is no benefit in arguing with morons...i cant hold them anymore... big tv's cc sucks bigtime

  6. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    BIGTV is just making fool of their customers, Its Really like a cheating and fraud with their customer.
  7. sureshkumaar1611

    sureshkumaar1611 New Member

    First of all you might have to told the cc while you book for your multiple connection, that it is multiple connection. Then only you can claim the second connection's discount. In your case it might not been done.
  8. JohnnyG

    JohnnyG New Member

    They told themselves that first one is PARENT connection and second is CHILD. Moreover both connections are under same name and address. I spent my whole day in arguing with them. I talked to almost six different arsholes. They have frozen on just one thing that i have "two dishes". :mad: wtf

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