Bhanghar Most Haunted Place in India

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    Distance :84km from Alwar
    Distance :170km from Delhi

    Bhangarh was once a flourishing town of 10,000 homes. That was in the 17th century when it was built by Raja Madho Singh, the illustrious Man Singh I's brother (Man Singh was one of the nine gems in Akbar's court, remember? See History of Amber for more). But it's all gone now; only splendid ruins remain. According to prevalent tales, the town was cursed by an evil magician and had to be abandoned. The fear still looms large in the minds of the locals, for they tread the soil of Bhangarh cautiously.

    Most of Bhangarh is in ruins. Crumbling temples, walls and pavilions standing against the silent wilderness of forested hills scream out about the town's ancient prosperity. The ruins of the arches and colonnades, built on various levels, suggest that it was once quite an elaborate complex. Portions like a pavilion and a minaret on a mound are somewhat intact. The site seems the perfect place to pack a picnic lunch and retire to.
    The recently restored evocative medieval bazaar is a truly fascinating experience. Nearby is the finely carved Someshwar Temple. The temple tank is still used by villagers to bathe and wash. There's also the Temple of Gopinath which has carved pillars and a corbeled cupola. Another fascinating monument of Bhangarh is the Randiyon ka Mahal (Palace of Prostitutes). Its unusual name probably comes from female courtesans for whom the palace was built. In those days female court attendants were also taken from harems of rulers. Overall, Bhangarh makes an exciting trip.

    Update: Me and Parminder visited Bhangarh recently and I have posted a thread about our trip to Bhangarh on India travel forum.
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    Have u visited the place? :eek: I have visited couple of creepy places myself... and found them pretty exciting... :eek:
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    ya i really love to visit such places :)
  4. itsmemad

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    No doubt why we r nocturnals... and darkness supporters... :)
  5. SmoothVibes

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    yes please and i already been to lot many places in and around my city, even have tried to visit some ghaat's near to ganga at nite hours :)

    Darkness Supporter :)
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    once i went to see the Venga boys play....
    scared the S**T outta me.
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    Sounds like a good place to see, even im interested in haunted places too. Maybe you can mention other haunted places in India as i don't know of any, and it would be interesting to know about them!
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    you are are intrested in haunted places then you must be aware about katwaria sarai ghost and CP wala booth bangla :eek:
  9. Preeti_20

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    No i haven't, yeh i have heard of a haunted place in Delhi, but its totally out of my mind what place it is!

    Haven't heard of the CP one, open a new thread on that if its interesting or lengthy info on it!
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    hmmm need to write a lot for that so will open a thread in morning about the haunted places in and around delhi :51:
  11. bagish

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    hio preeti
    i also like travelling to haunted places.

    i know many of them
    wanted a company
    waiting for ur reply?
  12. Unregistered

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    Make it the most

    Gud to see a group of darkness lover, have anyone of you ever faced any situation? here in the ASSAM its not a rare case to face ghost like things.........
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    whtevr u have described abt the town i bielve thr is nothing to be scared abt.thn why is it a haunted place??? i hv heard dat people r askd to vacate the place b4 its dark n its the orders frm GOV.of india.why so????
  14. Unregistered

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    Its 101 percent true

    Guys i always want to share this....with geniuine readers
    I am SW prof in leading IT company for 7 years now..
    I have horror expereince during my school going days
    I played in his hand for 6 years and with Lord Hanuman ji grace i am free from it with my own will power

    I just want to say these bad power are there believe or not

    If you want to share similar expereince catch me on
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    hi dude.. was just browsing for haunted places, thn came to ur thread regarding bhangarh, liked it.. vl b heading out there soon. i knew a bit about bhangarh frm my frnds too.. bt u gave a good deatiled review so thnks for that..
    One more thng is dat m too frm delhi, so can u tell sum haunted places in and around delhi.. I also believe in all this.. so waiting for ur reply.
  16. hindu college hostel @ north campus, delhi university is also a haunted place, so if u have frnds @ hindu, u can gt a chance to experience of the lifetime........
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    Saugat : Katwaria Sarai ?? a haunted place ?? who told u dude ?? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Google suggests 'Katwari sarai Ghost' when you search Katwaria sarai.. so i think theres something in it..
    thats not me saying.. check yourself..
  19. mickey

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  20. Kate

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    Does anyone know if I there is a train from New Delhi to this place? I would love to go and see what the place looks like and will let you all know if I find any ghosts there :)

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