Beware of being cheated by ACT broadband

Discussion in 'Broadband Internet Service Providers' started by arkadeep, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I'm posting this thread out of sheer frustration and helplessness and also to warn other consumers from getting cheated. I was using ACT broadband in Koramangala Bangalore for more than one year and was more than happy with the connection and speed.

    I shifted to my new house and applied for a fresh connection early this month. I got lured with their advertisement of free WiFi router with a 6 months advance payment. I paid an amount of 6372/- on 5th of March 2013. I got the connection on very next day, but the technician told me that he forgot to bring the router and promised me to bring it on the next day.

    After that I made 7 calls to their customer care. Sometime they made false promises to give it by one/two days, sometimes told me story of router being out of stock. Officially their turn around time to resolve a complaint is 24 working hours. I don't know how many hours do they work in a day, I didn't get the router even after 20 days.

    So, my simple piece of advice for anyone applying a new ACT connection, "Don't get lured by the FREE WiFi Router". The router is a myth and just a way of pulling 6 months payment in single shot.

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    A wifi router normally cost 3k and you paid 6k??? I am not ACT broadband user but i certainly not get and never got lured by all these advertisements and sale offers, Ye right i want to pay 10/- to get 1/- lol. Next time just get yourself a router and apply for net and save yourself form hassles.
  3. arkadeep

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    The 6K is for 6 months rental around 1K/month, the fictitious WiFi router supposed to come FREE :( . The phone number they published in their site to reach nodal officer also does not work. I think the only way might be to visit their office and BLAAAAST them.
  4. arkadeep

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    Finally, I got the WiFi router, a brand new Cisco E900. Yes it comes FREE, but a lot of wasted time, loss of mental peace, frustration, anger, irritation...everything come FREE. More frustrating fact was every time I logged into this Forum I saw ACT advertisement of free router:mad:

    The moral of the story is 'Don't sign on their acceptance document and start the billing unless they hand over the router'.

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