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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by FLYING PIGEON, May 30, 2010.


    FLYING PIGEON New Member

    Could someone please recommend a good wireless headset to be used for my Skype. I use a wired headset at the moment but need advise from you'll to buy a new wireless headset.(Best amongst all.)

    Which is the best and what is the price range in Mumbai?

    Thank you.
  2. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I dont know what your budget is? For I am giving two options which are at a reasonable price.

    The first is a Intex Wireless Roaming Headphone, which has a built in microphone and costs Rs595.

    The other option is a iBall BeatON On-the-ear headset again with a microphone and this one costs Rs1499.
  3. Tubelight

    Tubelight Member

    Another option I would like to suggest is if you have a wifi router and have wifi feature in your mobile phone, you can then use your mobile phone for making and receiving calls from Skype.
  4. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    I have a 10Mbps internet connection with a low latency, about 10-30 ms even then if i use my mobile phone to make calls via skype to someone else. The call quality is very poor. When i do the same on my laptop, the call quality is better.
  5. Tubelight

    Tubelight Member

    I didn't think it would make much of a difference if you use for your phone to make or receive calls from Skype.

    @nippuankush - which service provider you with?
  6. JeevanArora

    JeevanArora New Member

    If your broadband connection is wifi and you are able to download Skype on your mobile phone then it would be best to make calls using your mobile phone. Other than Skype there are also other applications for making and receiving calls, plus if the person on the other end also has the same application there would be no charge for the calls you make.
  7. Shiney

    Shiney New Member

    I have also used a wireless headset when I needed to use Skype, but from personal experience let me tell you that if you use your mobile phone instead it would one save you money on your headset and secondly it would be more convenient as well. Also the major plus point is that the hearing and voice quality would be better on the phone as compared to a headset.
  8. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    shift to LINE. it uses far less bandwidth than skype and still gives video & audio calls. And if you are calling someone on their regular phone connection, shift to viber and use viber out. And you can use them from your smart phone and from your PC, depending on which is convenient at that time.

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