Best Wireless Broadband In Delhi And Gurgaon


I have been going back and forth between different wireless broadband providers but still have'nt been able to find a reliable and fast wireless datacard connection.

Which connections do you guys use and why?

I am hoping some one could suggest me a good wireless broadband provider. I use about 50gigs of data per month near abouts and I need fast upload and download speed. Especially upload speed because I have to upload a lot of office work on a daily basis.



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50gb per month is going to cost a lot of money. MTS post paid Rs999 plan comes with 40GB and speed seems to be okish but not great. 2mbps kind of download speed and 800-900kbps upload is what I get these days but it depends on the time of the day and signal strength.

You could also look at Reliance 3G data card plans which will give you a lot better speed and similar sort of prices too.
I just got two different connections, one MTNL 6 months Rs4500 plan that would give me 200GB and it is working very well in both Delhi and Gurgaon. Second I got MTS post paid for Rs999 per month which comes with a 40GB per month allowance but my experience has been nothing less then frustrating. MTS usb modem gives me good speed only late at night but in the evenings I can hardly open a webpage leave alone downloading or uploading my work related files.

Before I got MTNL every one was like dont get MTNL its the worst of the worst and that is the only thing which is really working for me. Speed is not that fast and only clocks at about 2-2.5mbps but it is reliable and always works when I need it unlike MTS.

Thanks for all your help Admin.