Best SUV in India?

Discussion in 'Cars in India' started by IBF, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. IBF

    IBF New Member

    Which one do you think is the best SUV India?

    I think that Tata Safari Dicor is the best SUV right now and this is because it is spacious, it is tough, it is a better off roader and most importantly it is rightly priced. So i would say that Tata Safari dicor is the best one.
  2. jagan123

    jagan123 New Member

    When you call something for best... it should be THE BEST i feel
    NISSAN X-TRAIL is the perfect synonym of suv. The best ever suv in India, pricing at around 25 lakhs (i'm not sure).

    But for normal budget Dicor is also a very good choice
  3. zauha4

    zauha4 New Member

    Nissan X-Trail is the Best SUV in the world in i right?
  4. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    For the looks, I would defintely say it should be Mahindra Scorpio. It has a rather cool exterior look as well as interior. If I had ever had a chance to buy an SUV, i would not look at any other but Mahindra Scorpio.
  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I dont like tata safari even the new dicor and the reason being tata has used really cheap plastic for its interiors and after spending so much money I would atleast expect the interiors to look a bit more posh :(

    Honda CRV and Ford endavour are the ones I like :)
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  6. MindSide

    MindSide New Member

    Well i would like to go with Safari as it is the best SUV in my terms. Like it got looks, it has power, it is a bigger SUV as compared to other SUV's in its range. So Safari dicor is my choice.
  7. Bunny

    Bunny New Member

    I would say that TATA Safari is the best SUv, best off roader and also the most affordable SUV right now in market. All other SUV are either expensive or are not true off roader.
  8. Phantom

    Phantom New Member

    I have two choices and these are TATA Safari and mahindra Scorpio. These are the two SUV i really love but as a matter of fact TATA safari is the true off-roader SUV.
  9. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Tata Safari is roomier than the Scorpio - both are rightly priced. Personally, I prefer the Safari for looks. If you are not a serious off-roader, then there no need to go the costlier 4x4.

    If I had the money, I would go for Honda CRV.
  10. RacerLodde

    RacerLodde New Member

    Both Scorpio and Tata Safari Dicor are good... But once you get a Dicor, you'll have to modify the indoors... I haven't owned one, but my cousin says so..
  11. MoneyMind

    MoneyMind New Member

    I would say that TATA Safari Dicor are the best and there is no better SUV then this one in ths range. It is a true road kind and is also a great off road vehicle.
  12. Error

    Error New Member

    As per according to me the best SUV rigt now in Indian market is Ford Endavour. This is really a luxurious SUV and a true offroader. I love this SUV.
  13. Xibit

    Xibit New Member

    For me the best offraoder SUV is TATA Safari Dicor. The new Dicor version is really a great one and truely have a lot more power then the previous Safari.
  14. Register

    Register New Member

    Ford Endavour is the best SUV in India. This SUV is build for rough use and more over it is also luxurious at the same time.
  15. Rick

    Rick New Member

    Audi Q7 is the best SUV and also Hummer is the best SUV in India.
  16. User789

    User789 Guest

    I do not think that Hummer had beeb officially been launched in India but still there is no doubt that it is one of the best SUV right now..
  17. carforall

    carforall New Member

    For the looks, I would defintely say it should be Mahindra Scorpio. It has a rather cool exterior look as well as interior. If I had ever had a chance to buy an SUV, i would not look at any other but Mahindra Scorpio.
  18. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    When we are talking about Best SUV in India, why the reference to Hummer and such vehicles that are not sold in India (except by means of NRI import)?
  19. uppaimappla

    uppaimappla New Member

    Tata Safari is still the best

    To make clear my point, I need to give you the history of my search since 2004 for an SUV.


    1. Tata Safari: Powerless, noisy, no tubless tyres, no ABS, no Airbags, nothing. Not fuel efficient. Only postive point: Good looks
    2. Honda CRV: Nice to drive, but not a real SUV. Expensive to buy and run. Off roading capabilities a joke.
    3. Ford Endeavour: Big, strong, good looking, but not powerful. Seating: No way you can adjust the seats. Worst SUV seating.
    4. Scorpio: Easy for the driver but bonerattling for others. Not an SUV. No safety features.
    5. Mitsubishi Pajero. Nice but too expensive and too old fashioned. Might be withdrawn.
    6. Tavera: An MUV not an SUV. Fuel efficient yes, but no fun driving it.

    2006 and 07:
    1. Tata Safari. The 3 litre engine felt like a truck's. ABS not good at all. Brakes poor. Why can’t Tata make a decent SUV?
    2. Honda CRV. What a beautiful shemale!! Steering wheel sized down for ladies. The ladylike bum is now so low it actually hit a bump on a rough cochin road. Stay off CRV unless you are already a woman or are planning for sex change. Seats are comfy. Only Tata Safari has comparable comfort.
    3. Endeavour. Same problems as before, and more expensive. But more powerful. Again will it be withdrawn from the market?
    4. Innova. Driver’s seat way down. No fun driving it. And the shape!!


    1. Tata Safari: An amazing reincarnation in 2008. Engine enormously powerful, fuel efficient, cheap to maintain. Extremely comfy seats. The leather clad driver’s seat feels like a throne and you feel like a king. Service needed only 15000 km. Parts cheap. Brakes stop on the dot. ABS, airbags, leather seats. 4x4 is great (though it costs more than Rs. 1 lakh extra) and it carries me to places accessible only to jeeps. Villagers gape in wonder as the huge beast ambles easily up the jeep-tracks. Far quieter and affordable. I purchased the top end version with 4x4 option for Rs. 12 lakhs. Negative points: Poor quality plastic, finishing defects galore. I would strongly advise potential purchasers going in for a 4*4 version if they are true suv lovers. Great, powerful car for those young enough for adventure. Also, Safari is under constant innovation and they seek regular feedback from you to improve the next batch. So the more you delay, the better your Safari will be.
    2. Other cars: Endeavour: expensive and not nearly as comfortable. Look out for Toyota’s Fortuner. Or wait for 2010 version of Tata Safri expected to be of international quality. All else are not worthy of consideration.

    Having said all those nice things about Safari, the dashboard is the worst part and it looks so cheap and plasticky. Can anyone suggest a place in Kerala to do some interior modding -- nothing flashy but something decent? Shall be grateful.

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  20. Josephfernandes

    Josephfernandes New Member

    Mahindra Scorpio is best as manufactured in India and priced perfectly

    Scorpio is Big and Powerful and looks dashing. If the same vehicle would have been manufactured by Toyota or Nissan. It'd cost 25 lakhs. Instead Scorpio costs 8.5 to 9 lakhs. Huge price difference for the same kind of quality. Moreover, I've always loved Scorpio in terms of looks, power and durability. Off-Roading can also be a lot of fun in Scorpio. The New 2009 Facelifted Scorpio looks even stronger than before. I love it and I think you should visit the mahindra Scorpio website.

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