Best Search Engine

There are many search engines, and undoubtedly Google is the most popular among internet users, but there are people who don't use Google as a search engine and use other search engines. Sometime back Yahoo and Ask were very popular search engines and majority of people used these two sites for searching data, but slowly Google did overtake.
According to you which is the best search engine and why?


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I personally find Bing results to be better then Google's these days. Bing has improved over the years and I normally use Bing for my daily searches.


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Many ears ago I used to use Yahoo then switched to Google, I find that Google search is better and tend to get results from the search.

I havent heard o ever used Bing or Startpage.
I think undoubtedly its Google. The search results are much better than other search engines and I think its because I use Google mail so its just easier using the same search engine.