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  1. chennai-bound

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    Hi all, I will be working in Chennai for a period of 12 months very soon and would like to know more information which would be the best and fastest unlimited broadband service to get?

    I would be using a lot of bandwidth so the unlimited usage would be important. Usenet access would also be very important, although I think I will be able to keep my current usenet provider and access it from India.

    Cost is not a huge issue, although I understand after a quick bit of research thing morning that costs are relatively high for this kind of service in India. Also I have only found a few ISPs offering "up to 2mb" speed, is this the fastest available in Chennai?

  2. Admin

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    I would suggest go for Airtel as it sounds like being online without any downtime is of a lot of importance to you.

    If you work over the net and cant afford to have any down time atall then I would suggest go for two broadband connections and the best two options I can suggest are ... One airtel broadband connection (thats if it is available in the area you will be staying at and one out of Reliance wimax and tata wimax.
    If airtel is not available then go for bsnl broadband but make sure you apply well in advance and get someone to find out if it will be available or not.

    In case airtel is not available and bsnl doesnt have more ports left in the area you would be putting up at then go for reliance wimax and tata wimax.. And pray to god that atleast one of them would be in working condition at all times.

    I have got 4 connections now : Sify broadband, Mtnl broadband, tata wimax and a reliance data card.

    Both reliance wimax and tata wimax are kind of ok now as opposed to when it was new in India and had lots of unresolved issues which seem to have been sorted now by both the companies.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Customer service sucks be it any company... having a backup would save you a lot of hassel and hopefully prevent hair loss.
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  3. chennai-bound

    chennai-bound New Member

    Thanks friend, a lot of useful info there.

    So up to 2mb is the max speed available then?

    BSNL has a Home 3300 product which looks okay. It has a 20gb limit over the month but has "Nighttime Unlimited" what does that mean?
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There are 8 mbps connections aswell but getting an unlimited connection with 8mbps speed would set you back by 20-30k every month.

    Tata wimax (postpaid) has got a reasonable (comparatively) unlimited 2mbps plan with Rs2500 +taxes per month tariff.
  5. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    U can go for Airtel Broadband....U will get the connection within 2-3 days...
    I wont recommend BSNL(even thought its the best) as you will be staying only for 12 months...getting BSNL connection would take a month...
    Which area in chennai are you going to stay...
  6. nelson

    nelson New Member

    think to buy reliance datacard needs? for chennai customer


    NELSON. 09025892312
    (Bussiness Development Executive)

    Communication Address:

    Reliance Communication
    'Reliance House'
    6, Haddows Road
    Chennai- 600 006.

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    20 times faster with speed upto 3.1 Mbps
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    Wireless internet access anytime, anywhere

    Pay Rs.3500/-

    Choose from attractive plans

    Tariff plan monthly usage Beyond free usage
    name Rentel Rs.

    Broadband+ 499 night 50p/min day
    @ night 10GB

    Broadband+ 650 1 GB/month Rs.2/MB
    1 GB

    Broadband+ 750 3 GB/month Rs.2/MB
    2 GB

    Broadband+ 850 3 GB/month Rs.2/MB
    3 GB

    Broadband+ 849 1 GB Day Rs.2/MB
    10 GB 10GB night

    Broadband+ 1099 10 GB/month Rs.2/MB
    10 GB

    Broadband+ 1298 10 GB Day Rs.2/MB
    10 GB 10 GB Night

    Broadband+ 1750 15 GB/month Rs.2/MB
    10 GB

    Also Dealing with Wireless Land Line,GSM Mobile Connections For Corporate and Individuals.

    More details Conduct:



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  7. murugan1960

    murugan1960 New Member

    BSNL Broad Band is the best in speed but service ????

    i am sure no service provider will gib all the time 4 2mbps in my experience i tried BSNL BBD plan Home 500c or c++ later rentel free it was stunning see my download page below

    Total displayed in dataone site(A) : 34.646 GB.
    Total of all rows(B) : 34.6462 GB.
    Difference (A-B) = -0.0002 GB (-0.2048 MB

    ck all these and and contact-- -- if u have any dbt
  8. Admirable Anto

    Admirable Anto New Member

    Reliance Broadband totally suxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    hi guys dis is anto frm chennai. for three months i'm facing lots of problem wid reliance broadband. past 2 months i've given 36 complaints in reliance customer care. wat they will do is, they'll close the complain widout repairing it. Absolutely pathetic customer service. Poor speeds and frequent connectivity problems even in proper Chennai. No one in customer care has a clue as to how to talk to a customer and no technical knowledge. Sincerely do not recommended Reliance Broadband at all based on my harrowing experience in spite of being a long standing customer for over 6 years. Even senior managers do not bother to respond to genuine complaints. Absolutely hopeless. Not recommended at all. reliance totally suxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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