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Discussion in 'Mobile phone service providers' started by BaldevChouhan, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. BaldevChouhan

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    I need advise on which is the best mobile application that can allow me to recharge my mobile phone. I don't like going to shops or doing it through banking, so I am thinking of using an application to do the recharges. Please let me know which is the trusted and reliable application that can allow mobile recharges.
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  3. pshrinivasan

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    Please don't go through any 3rd party websites, most of them are problematic. Refer before that. Generally most of the service providers, like BSNL, Airtel do have their own apps which you can install and recharge. Or if you have a desktop or laptop open their websites and you can recharge there.
  4. Admin

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    I have been using ngpay for some time and I have never had trouble. I have even tried to recharge a vodafone mobile number with idea option atleast twice and the money comes back to my account as the recharge does not go through. Smoothvibes is the one who introduced me to ngpay.

    No complaints so far.
  5. GargDinesh

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    Its best to recharge from shops yourself, there are so many problems when using a third party to get your recharge done, and I have experienced problems myself.
  6. Preeti_20

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    I haven't ever used a third party to do recharges, how does it work, does the money get deducted from your bank account, what details need to be provided. I know a lot of people who say they use Paytm, but how safe is it?
  7. Devan

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    Ngpay and Paytm are the best applications for recharges. Any other company apart from these are generally not reliable.
  8. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    using paytm for more than 2 years now. never had any problem. normally use the virtual credit card facility from ICICI bank while recharging through paytm
  9. viplav jadhav

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    I think the wiser question to ask is what are you looking for in a recharge app. If you want it for making simple recharges then I would suggest you go for your mobile operator’s website. While simplicity is its pro, there are certain disadvantages using the operator’s site. To name a couple: You won’t be able to keep a record of your mobile recharges, tracking your mobile spends would be impossible, etc.

    One option that comes to my mind, of course because I have been using this app for a while now, is the app. It’s a free mobile recharge app with a dozen of features that you may find useful. Bill Bachao makes recharging pretty easy, and as yet I haven’t faced any issues using this app.

    The app not just lets you recharge your mobile phone, it also allows you to simultaneously make recharges for other numbers. Quite handy. With this app, you can track all your mobile spends in terms of: data used by individual apps on your phone, calls, or sms made to every mobile number. It also has a useful feature that lets you send complete usage details by email for future reference. The Self-Help section of the app allows you to make requests for services such as Do-Not-Disturb, Value Added Services, etc.

    A must-try app overall!

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