Belkin N150 Wireless Modem Router compatibility with BSNL broadband connection

Discussion in 'Modems and Routers' started by ganeshlavu, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. ganeshlavu

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    Upon reading this forum, I came to understand that Belkin N150 Wireless Modem Router can be used with BSNL. Can I use this device to connect with BSNL landline and not buy any additional devices from BSNL? (Im applying for a new landline connection now for a broadband connection)

    Is it better to buy 1. Belkin N150 Adsl2 Wireless Modem Router [Price in flipkart: 2184] (or)
    2. Teracom (T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI) (Type - II) [Price from BSNL~ 2200]
    Are the specs for these two models the same or one is better than the other in connectivity and reliability.

    The reason Im trying not to buy BSNL Teracom device is I already have a 3G data card and the support they provide is terrible. Kindly advise as I have very little idea on the subject.

  2. Admin

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    Yes it would work like a charm. This is what they made this modem for.No this is all you need nothing additional.

    I have not used either of them so cant comment. I am using D-Link DSL-2750U with my Mtnl broadband connection and I am not complaining. It even supports Dlink 3g modem which you can plug into the modem and create a network in case your Bsnl connection decides to give up on you.
  3. ganeshlavu

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  4. Admin

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    This one is ADSL not adsl2 or + compatible from what I see. Belkin has a model which is compatible with all three : But it is not available on flipkart.

    Ganesh I am using a D-link 2750U and I can say it is doing what it is supposed to do.There are a lot of modem routers listed on flipkart that are way cheaper and compatible with all three technologies so you can use it for years to come as these things last years.
  5. ganeshlavu

    ganeshlavu New Member

    Hello Admin,
    I have purchased the D-link 2750U. I tried configuring the modem for a bsnl connection. But the CD installation doesnt work and gives an error message that the router cannot be found. The power light is glowing, the Ethernet connection port is blinking. I have the username and password for the connection. Can u pl suggest how to set it up.

  6. meetdilip

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    Type in your browser, ID and password will be admin. If you still not get it configuring, better take it to BSNL office, they will do it for you.
  7. ganeshlavu

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    Hi Meetdilip, I have done that. Can u suggest what other steps need to be done? And where do I enter my bsnl username and password? Also where can we view the files that are shared through a drive connected to the USB port of the modem from a laptop (Is that not possible until internet is connected?)
  8. meetdilip

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  9. sure2k

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    Belkin modem has single LED to identify the status of the connection
    If red blinking means your phone line is not connected to modem
    Ie, dsl line is not insync
    If stable red light means dsl ok, authentication failure or not s,etup
    Stable green light means connected to Internet

    For setup
    Open thesetup page by typing in firefox
    use admin as username and password
    Goto Internetwan tab
    Choose the following
    connection type-pppoe
    Enter bb username given by bsnl
    Password- password
    Ip assigned by isp is Auto
    Vpi/vci is 0/35
    encapsulation is llc
    nat -enabled
    save the setting
    Restart the modem
    The model number n150 is not correct, there may be some other number
    The modem perfomance is good, mfrd in usa

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