Beginner's Guide to BSNL

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by meetdilip, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Thanks for collating info in one thread.

    Unfortunately can't award reps. :(
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    No problem. :).........................
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    A REQUEST to Newbies/members/users.
    Please keep this as a quick reference thread, and post your queries/problems by opening
    a new thread.
    This should be last post in this thread , or
    if @meedilip adds the above comments , I will delete this post.

    P.S: I have bookmarked this, and will give the link often.
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    Admin can make the thread sticky.
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    Good one...............:):rolleyes:
    Really help beginners........:)
    Cannot Rep.....:mad:
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    @ Gaggan

    No problem :)
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    hey dilip good guide.

    will surely help beginners.
    now when they ask we can just link this thread so that they could understand.

    Can't rep:mad:
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    No problem. You can give it later.:)
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    ok i will give it later:)
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    great work dude. It is really informative.
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    Thanks Vignesh :)
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    BSNL BB for dummies

    Useful compilation for most of us newbies = Dummies. :D

    Once ended up paying over 2 lakhs. The bsnl website is so cluttered with all the blinking ads its easy to get lost. :confused:
    I sincerely think posting ur compilations once every 2 months or so (in other sites too) would be a big help to a lot of guys.

    Thanks again
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    Glad you like it :)
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    configure router tp link td-w8901g

    i had a tp link td-w8901g .. i had bsnl broadband connection.. i am able to connect wifi with laptop and can use internet.. also i am able to connect modem with my android mobile phone.. but i cannot access internet.. pleaze anyone help..
    i am attaching different pages of router configuration..
    pleaze help..

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