Beetel 450tc1 - Wifi Led Off / Ssid Not Showing


I am using Beetel 450TC1 for MTNL delhi broadband. I was using this modem for 1 year but now suddenly wireless is not working. Here's my analysis :

1) Wifi LED is off in modem. Also, its not lighting up during start of modem, like other LAN LEDs.
2)Wireless tab is not coming in interface setup page when I logged in modem using
3)Consequently my SSID is not showing up in wireless networks.
4)I have reset the modem but still problem not solved yet.
5)Internet is working through LAN wire connection.
6)All other LEDs are lighting except Wifi one.

Can anybody let me know what can be done in this case? I think my modem's wireless function is fried.



Staff member
If it is still under warranty then get it replaced. I believe this to be a hardware problem as you have already tried resetting the router to no avail. May be show it to the nearby computer repair shop or just go and get a new one.