Beetel 450 BX1 ADSL+Router Alternative??

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    I have a Beetel 450 BX1 ADSL+Router on Airtel Network connected by a phone line. My problem is, i connect it to my computer by LAN but the devices in other rooms are not able to get any usable WiFi range its fluctuating between 0 to 1 bar. The Signal strength is set to 100% in the settings.
    Please tell me if i can buy any off the shelf router from any other make Belkin etc. without any problem? If yes, then please suggest one which has higher range than my present one.
    Preferable price below Rs. 3000. But willing to stretch if its necessary.

    Thank You
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    What is the radius of wifi activity ? ( and height involved ?)

    How is the "line of sight "? .Obstructions/doors etc.
    Position the wifi router at a higher height.
    Keep router. parallel to the ground and rotate for maximum signal at farthest place.
    If Antenna is Perpendicular the pattern is a Circle
    If kept parallel radiation pattern is figure of 8 with 2 max points.

    search in Select model with multiple antenne and Power output .
    Output Power

    n mode:15~17dBm
    g mode:15~17dBm
    b mode: 16~18dBm

    Check ASUS models.
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