Beam Telecom(highest internet speed in hyderabad)

Discussion in 'Broadband Internet Service Providers' started by lerecca143, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. lerecca143

    lerecca143 Guest

    check these snaps



    i am using beam telecom 3 months onwards i am downloaded arround 500Gb
    download speed :256
    upload speed:200
    if u have any queries feel free i will help u.....
  2. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Tell me the cost/ month and also tell is it available in Punjab??:)
    4 Mbps at 1500 only.:)
    Give me the link pls.
  3. lerecca143

    lerecca143 Guest

  4. kiritimadugula

    kiritimadugula New Member


    please please tell me how are the pings to singapore uae and pakistan please please!
    i stay in hyd i am looking for mp gaming so please need your help
  5. lerecca143

    lerecca143 Guest

    i dont know what u r asking i will help u in future
  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    see Post No 1 . Ping for Chennai seen.
    Test in Singapore servers.
    For the web site it could be different.
    Post details of web site here.
  7. Sri San Zumba

    Sri San Zumba New Member

    im airtel user

    i am airtel user my pings prtety gud but wen i host the sever reliance and bsnl user smetym getting high ping any fix solution ??????

    i am wondering beam fiber wen they launching in chennai:)
  8. adabass

    adabass New Member

    Do Not choose Beam. I have had >15 tickets opened and closed in the last one month without the issue being resolved even though I ask them to not close the ticket. I have request supervisor callback numerous times, which does not happen. The first 2 times I received response from nodal office when I escalated to them, but now even they have started ignoring my emails.

    When it works it works well, but when it does not – only God is with you. I prepaid for 6 months in Dec, which I realize is my mistake. If this does not resolve in next 3-4 days I am going for an entirely new Airtel connection and just think of this as sunk cost. It’s just not worth all the stress when you really need the internet for important work/meetings.

    This is the series of events in Sep which I escalated. Similar stuff is repeating again.

    Series of events
    • 8th Sep (Sat) - Raised ticket 6107669.
    • 9th Sep (Sun) - The technician came to the house on Sun and changed some pin. The internet worked but went down again after 10 min. I had to call up the support center again. I escalated the previous ticket as well and tried to get it reopened, but they said it can’t be done. Raised new ticket 6115941
    • 10th Sep (Mon) - Ticket closed without confirmation. Escalated the ticket and called again. They again opened a new ticket 6124375. I asked them not to close the ticket without confirmation. Talked with Supervisor Uday.
    • 11th Sep (Tue) - No activity. We call again and tell specifically again not to close the ticket and tell them that we are in office during 9-6.30 and if we cannot pick up calls it does not mean that issue is resolved. This raised a new ticket 6125537 – not sure why?
    • 12th Sep (Wed) – 6124375 is closed without any confirmation. I try to reach the supervisor numerous times, get assurance of a callback which does not happen. In the end, I refused to keep my phone down unless I talk to the supervisor and this makes him come and take my call. I talked to Supervisor Abbas. He was cordial in talking to me but said he cannot reopen the request 6124375. He took down a new request and put in notes that the technician visit us after office hours. I also asked him to give me the area sales manager number, which he said he cannot and instead said he will ask him to call me. I did not receive the call from the area sales manager also. The new ticket is 6142281. I get another message of a new ticket raised and its number is 6143508. As you can see I have started losing track of tickets now.
    • 13th Sep(Thu) – 6143508 is closed without confirmation again. Ticket 6142281 is also closed. I call again, the same ceremony is repeated again and after falling short of pulling my hair with the rep and the supervisor on how can a ticket be closed, and why the technician did not come and why did the sales manager did not call me, a new ticket is opened 6153304 with the same assurance which have been given again and again. Finally we could make a technician visit us. He finds the problem with the router (which is a new beam router). He also says that if the charger is defective beam will charge me.
    • 14th Sep (Fri) – Still trying to figure out what else I can do.
    • The biggest – I have been mentally harassed by going over the same issue again and again without any responsible answer and no way to escalate beyond the supervisor. He just assures me that the problem will be solved within 24 hrs.
    • Focus on resolving problem, not the ticket. The problem is not solved, but by hook or crook, the tickets are resolved in 24 hrs. When I cannot take the call because I am in meetings, the issue is resolved by saying “internal wiring/cabling issues”
    • We cannot get to the supervisor when we want to. Call backs are not done when requested.
  9. rtz_0625

    rtz_0625 New Member

    what are the plans available
  10. abdussamadh

    abdussamadh New Member

    If what you say is true then why there are 3,00,000 beam subscribers in hyderabad alone.

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