beam cable trick not working

Discussion in 'Other Cable Internet Services' started by abubucker0, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. abubucker0

    abubucker0 New Member

    hey guys is the beamcable trick still working cos they have updated dere server and i think it is not working.....
  2. rockyaj17

    rockyaj17 New Member

    yeah man after their server upgrade the logoff trick is not working..wait for sometime..may be somebody will post a new trick with this new server
  3. savior

    savior New Member

    Still waiting...if anyone has any new tweaks with the new upgraded server plz share them m8...this sucks!...after getting such an awsome speed for just 400/month and unlimited download's....i just cant adjust to the slow speed iam getting....
  4. knaresh

    knaresh New Member

    plz help me out

    my net also not working so plz help me out..the boring speed i'm getting is untolerable plz help me..
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Beam cable

    Yes I know the trick. But it was very tough for me to find it. So am making it to be cost. Anyone interested in paying some money to get this trick can contact me at yes its 100% working.

    hello can anyone tell abt d trick plz...
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