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Discussion in 'Cable Internet Services' started by phealer, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. phealer

    phealer New Member

    we recently got an LG SMART TV. and invested for a 10MBPS cable connection though I had a good Airtel connection for last 4-5years.
    We showed the sales guy the TV and said we are taking the connection primarily for 2 reasons:
    1. For the TV
    2. If their connection will work even when power goes.

    Everything seemed great till the connection is setup. When connected to the TV, no ip is getting assigned. So I invested in a high end router of 6000/-. Still it did not work.
    Gave a couple of calls to the customer care. they just opened the issues and by evening closed. Pissed off, gave the call to the sales person and found out that the regional person does not know how to get the LG TV working so he kept closing the tickets without informing anyone.
    After 4-5days of waiting and struggling, finally we gave up on Beam cable on getting LGTV working.
    It works perfectly with Airtel.

    So we thought atleast the 2nd one works.
    Yesterday when power went away, the cable didnt work. We raised a complaint, no one has even come for service till now.
    We called the customer care and requested for a refund, its just been like 15days. Not sure what they will do.

    I asked for their escalation policy - NO REPLY
    Asked for the details of regional head - NO REPLY
    We had similar problem with SIFY in Bangalore a few years back, they could control the local distributors services. Though I tried to clarify with the Sales guy initially on their org structure looks like they are setup similarly.

    Appreciate if anyone can suggest a good broadband on high speeds other than airtel.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Beam cable Broadband service.
    Did you get a set top box ( for IPTV) and a cable modem ?
    Confirm LG Smart TV has provision to connect DIRECT to Broadband
    DSL or ADSL..
    What is the router model/make/number you purchased?
  3. phealer

    phealer New Member

    dear essbebe, thanks for your quick reply. I am not using IPTV.
    The LGTV has option to connect directly. Its just like any other computer. It works fine with Airtel modem - wired/wireless.
    the modem I got is Belkin PlayMax wireless router.
    I dont think its an issue with the modem or LGTV. Its got something to do with Beam.

    I am particularly dissatisfied with their service. Since last Friday I dont have internet connection. when we call they raise a ticket with 24hrs deadline. they close the ticket before 24hrs whether resolved or not. if you call for follow-up they open a new ticket but will never open the old one again. they are trying to act smart to prove that they are sticking to their SLA. but very cheap business practice.
    I have decided to move on from Beam forever. However I will raise their business practice with the concerned authorities in TRAI.
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Thanks for the info. about LGTV!
    Will make a trip to local TV show room !!
    Most cable BB services ( also Reliance docomo etc offer the moon and collect a lump sum as annual charges etc.
    Later it is the user who is suffering: neither get a good connection or get a refund. ( Tikona for instance as per forum post/s)
    For Instance they say installation charges free and for annual payments etc .
    I had no problem either with Airtel ( earlier)or BSNL (now )BB connection so far. .

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