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Discussion in 'Other Cable Internet Services' started by Antidote, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Antidote

    Antidote New Member

    i think this internet is out only for Andhra Pradesh residents.
    Any one using this internet in this forum??.
    I would like to know more about it.
    The tariffs are really cool
    1mbps at rs1500(inclusive of tax)
  2. speedy

    speedy New Member

    *Fair usage policy applys.
    For the plan 786kbps Rs.600 the speed will be 786kbps till 30GB and then it becomes 256kbps for that month.
    Same will be the case with their other plans too,maybe the limits will be a bit higher for higher bandwidth plans.
    And now 1mbps plan costs Rs.850,2mbps plan costs Rs.1000.
    But one good thing is that they provide unlimited uploads.
  3. cdinz

    cdinz New Member

    Yea I called then up today.. Said their marketing guys would come over 2morrow.
  4. yogy

    yogy New Member

    its old name was beam cable system. now they changed it to beam telecom.

    i used beam cable system broadband for an year and due to its problems, i did not continue it further.

    But now, i am listening excellent reviews about beam telecom. i think the prices are also very good and affordable.
  5. Tron05

    Tron05 New Member

    they have increased the FUP limit. I hear its 50gb now.
  6. Albert

    Albert Guest

    Ya,they have increased FUP limit in every unlimited plan!
  7. Arvindha

    Arvindha New Member

    how much is fup for 1 mbps and 2 mbps......

    i want to know whether it is available in trichy it is in tamilnadu....
  8. udayonze

    udayonze New Member


    Now go check the Beam Telecom rates..Lowest Pings in the country too!!
  9. sunny1432010

    sunny1432010 New Member

    hiii alll.
    if any one here using beam broadband plz suggest me whether to go for it or not..
    how is the d/n speed for 786kbps..
    are there any problems n head-ache's with this service ?
  10. splitinfinitive

    splitinfinitive New Member

    Beam Telecom user in Hyderabad

    I used to be a Tata Indicom (first wireline and then WiMax) subscriber for 5 years and was very happy with service and the connection. AM a power user, and used to pay Rs. 3500 p.m for the 1.5 mbps unlimited plan.

    Recently, took a look at the plans offered by Beam Telecom and went - "wow!". So decided to take their Rs. 2500 p.m. unlimited plan offering 6 mbps (fair use is 150 GB, only download!) on a trial basis.

    I've been using it for a month now, and the ping to Mumbai Server and ping to Singapore Server images are attached.

    The verdict:

    1. I am ditching my Tata Indicom connection!
    2. Installation and service has been great so far (touchwood!)
    3. They inform you if any maintenance etc. is ongoing in advance over SMS (one outage of 2 hours for maintenance so far)

    What I've learned by chatting with the service engineer who came to install my connection is that Beam has essentially reinvented itself over the last one year as an ISP, moving from basic cable internet service to a Fiber Optic based service. They have strung Optical Fiber cables all across the city, right up to the doorstep and are hence able to provide these blazing fast plans.


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  11. HyperWebAddict

    HyperWebAddict New Member

    Pure Brilliance!

    Got my Beam connection. The technician came home and fixed it the same day itself. Brilliant speeds. Absolutely loving it! No issues with the wifi either! :)
  12. splitinfinitive

    splitinfinitive New Member

    Beam become even more awesome!

    So Beam Telecom is on a massive network upgrade exercise - they've re-branded themselves as Beam Fiber and now have some seriously good plans -

    Also, I got auto upgraded to the max 20 MBPS unlimited plan at no extra cost - and here's the result:

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  13. mvs sarma

    mvs sarma Member

    i am trying to take B-Fast600 , a 5Mbps speed with a limit of 6GB per month at Rs600/-
    they have been serving, in Hyderabad only I suppose.
    I fear, as the service provider gets little stronger by number of connections, we would start suffering all the ill effects of the service. I shall be further reporting on their performance.

    Initial observations are , their data entry sections are inefficient to the effect, they type even name wrongly.
  14. bobby_kes

    bobby_kes Member

    B-Fast600 get 1mbps speed, not 5mbps
  15. ervenky

    ervenky New Member


    MY Self K.venugopal Rao i called beem customer care thrice but they promise to response fast, but all was in vain.their man call me twice and ask me time to meet me at my home & i waited for him but he didnt come at a given time.
    so what to do, they will loss customer like hell.

    K. venugopal rao,
  16. vikaslohia

    vikaslohia New Member

    Thts too cool..........
  17. com100

    com100 New Member

    If you have to listen to what I've got, they don't care! :D I have tried to get their attention for a long time now and done everything to contact them. They just don't want more customers is what I understand. Lol... :D I think that the number of customers easily available without any hard work are so many that they don't want to make the slightest of extra effort and not even when there are a good number of customers in a given place. People have been raving about Beam service(high speeds at low rates) and except few places in Hyderabad, customers aren't complaining.. but hey, I'm just gobsmacked at such conversations! What should I say, they don't care and don't want to provide an internet connection? Pretty stupid for a company? No, that's pretty Hyderabadi Nawab! Kha Biryani, khuja pet aur batti bujha je so ja! Lol...

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