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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by pesakki, Mar 25, 2008.

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    the broad band usage for new bb users of bb service is now available in for billed usage and for free down load usage seperately ie with split up details for free download and for billed usage
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    hi....this is arjun from hyd could you help me out with the site i tried getting into this with the user id and password that the bsnl empl has shows wrong pass or user id...
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    hey hi arjun... this is allen fron maharashtra,latur ..if ur using the bsnl bb. and have forgetten the password of ur bb account.,u shoule immediately contact ur nearest office & ask them to reset your password.note that the default password is "password" when they reset it try immediately openint your account ... if it's failing to connect restart you computer & once again try it.

    hope this works... and one more thing...check the "remember password" while connecting ... this will reduce the risk of loosong password ...& there is no need to chanGe the default password.NO ONE CAN OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT.!!
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    Yes as essbebe stated you should provide a 14 alhpha nuneric id with a pwd to login to The normal uerid and pwd will not work. I am a BSNL BB user sine De 2008 but nowadays I am not able to check my usage from this site using my BSNL BB connection. I am able to do that using hathway / you telecom connection from my office without any problem and instantly. But I don't know why not from my BSNL BB.
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