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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by santosh_raja22, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I have BSNL COMBO 900 plan(4Mbps). but i get 1.5Mbps..
    I have made a complaint through Internet.

    So how do i post my Internet Statictis like
    "Downstream Data Rate
    Upstream Data Rate
    SNR (Downstream)
    SNR (Upstream)
    Line Attentuation(Downstream)
    Line Attentuation(Upstream) " In my ASUS DSLN10 Wireless ADSL modem Router??

    Please help me.
  2. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Santosh

    You just need to follow three simple steps to get the internet statistics

    1. Go to
    2. On login page key in the default user name (admin) and password (admin) (without brackets)
    3. Now on the main screen click on the picture of globe to display internet connection status.
  3. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    I Did but it doesn't show anything like i want...
  4. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    Please go to > system log > ADSL log
  5. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    Thanks Shirni.

    attached my Log:

    Will these settings are running at 4 mbps?

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  6. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    I think the last line " Data Rate Down : 2048" should be much more, like 7-8000
    ( I also have 900 combo-plan and till this month was getting good speed (something like 7-8 Mbps), now like you I am also getting about 1.6 Mbps. I did not bother much because I don't download much, also because till last month I was complaining about the line and disconnection in BB, and frankly you get tired of complaining. Now my FUP is over and I am getting about 500 kbps, which is normal.
    So, I will complain after 1st, when full speed should be restored.
    That there is a problem there is no doubt. If you have not downloaded your 8 GB data and still getting 1.6 Mbps, please do complain.
    I have found that BSNL staff are good, if somewhat, ignorant. But they will help, if you don't lose patience and keep complaining. Don't lose your temper for whatever reason when you talk to them.
  7. mvb4u

    mvb4u Member

    your modem is sync.'ed to DSLAM at a down stream rate of 2 mbps and upstream rate of 512 kbps so your speed profile at DSLAM has not been increased as per your plan speed call and ask the exchange people to increase your speed as per plan they will do the needful
  8. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    Thanks Shrinivas.
    I have already made complaint through Telephone and via net..

    I am still waiting for their response.

    So just i can mention that please Increase my DSLAM profile ?
    Or what specification should i mention to increase my speed.? once i asked them that speed is not upto 4mbps, they were laughing at me and saying that you wont get the mention speed..

  9. mvb4u

    mvb4u Member

    You must get atleast 80% of your promised speed. Try contacting SDE of your exchange. one thing for sure is your downstream date rate in your modem statistics should be 4096 to get 4Mbps speed.

    You can just ask to change your speed profile in DSLAM.
  10. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    As usual they didn't come today as they promised to do so..Have to wait till monday..

    I wll ask them to change Speed profile in DSLAM..
    Thanks Again..
  11. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    Did they do anything ?
    I have also complained (through website), so far no reply.
    If I don't get any reply on Monday, i.e., 04/02/13, I need to go to their office and complain to the DE.
  12. santosh_raja22

    santosh_raja22 New Member

    Got a phone call from bsnl saying that Speed depends upon the radius which we live near to exchange.
    And they are saying that far from exchange, always will get 2048 down rate data.

    I am confused! and is it true about radius, far, near etc..??
  13. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    While it is true that the distance from the exchange matters, it can not be half of the promised rate !
    In my case, there was noreply for the complaint lodged through the website, I booked a complaint through 198 (official number for fault-repair service, all-India), they asked me to contact 1957 (this is another number for Broadband Services, check it may work in your area also) with the result the download rate in my router is 4996 and I am getting d/l speed at 3.8 Mbps in
    Please visit the exchange personally and talk to Commercial Officer/ Divisional Engineer, it may help.

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