Are online data entry jobs real??

Discussion in 'Online Jobs' started by annie, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. annie

    annie New Member

    hello frndzz

    I am new to this forum and i really wanna know abut online jobs.

    i can only give 1-2 hrs daily(more hrs on sunday).
    Thats why i am intrested in online data entry jobs.
    but most of the links i tried are asking money for registration.
    i create dmy account on one site which was free...but all i am getting advertisement mails frm ...join dis and dat....:mad:

    here is the site name which i joined... is ....


    i dont know whether posting link is allowed or not...if its not allowed den i apologize.....but i wanna know whether its true site or faking....

    if anyone of u know any good real site(preferably dataentry jobs) which actually gives us work and pays us den please let me know.......
    thanks you:)
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    annie, welcome to IBF.

    You must have received a mail from admin about activation. Please click the link in that mail to activate your account, else all your posts will go into moderation. I have corrected the problem for now.

    Regarding online data entry jobs, my take is that most of them are bogus. For example, why should anyone ask money to register? This way they lure innocents and make them part with their hard earned money. Even if the registration charges are low, it should be a warning to you antennae about fake site.

    There could be some genuine sites. But it is better to check about the genuinity first.
  3. annie

    annie New Member

    [COLOR="red]but how to chk dem?.......if anyone knows any real site den please let me know...

    and thank u very much for ur reply....[/COLOR]
  4. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi annie

    Welcome to IBB :)

    admin has posted some very useful guides in this section Online Jobs please check them once hope it will help you :)

    if you have a blog then also you can earn something from it but can not depend upon online jobs only and as far as i know data entry job can not pay much means its not really worth.

    Wish you a nice stay at IBB :)
  5. powerraj

    powerraj New Member

    Hi new to dis forum too....n annie i m in d same boat as u, i too looked around a lot for a good data entry job,still have'nt found anything good.
    the online jobs section in dis forum is really good n helpful.

    Good job guys!!
  6. annie

    annie New Member

    thank god someone is wid me...i thought dat its only me who is running around madly for dataentry jobs........:p

    if u get something useful dem do let me know.....:eek:
  7. parshanth

    parshanth New Member

    Dont go for DataEntry online or offline as they dnt pay much is my sincere advice............
  8. profitin

    profitin New Member

    Here is a site which offers free registration with bonus

    I want to tell you about a great site I found. They pay me to read e-mail,
    visit web sites and much more. $100 when you signup for free, and upto $10 to see the ads and mails plus referral bonus. Join immediately, it costs you nothing.

    It's free to join and easy to sign up! CLICK THIS
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  9. AmitTeli

    AmitTeli New Member

    SWT!!!! i got 1 at a BPO
  10. nilact

    nilact New Member

    I suggest do not apply for any kind of online jobs, most of them are bogus. Ya you can try at any IT company, they often needed content writers for different websites. They are far better than data entry jobs, as you can know many things and can enhance your knowledge. :)
  11. sachy24

    sachy24 New Member

    Data entry jobs are total waste for 2 reasons
    1. There are hardly any legit company present.
    2. If you work for a legit company you will make max of 2000 Rs. which is very less.
  12. AmitTeli

    AmitTeli New Member

    Well to say as Sachy said Data Entry work's are totally fake:28:
    I said in my previous post, i got 1 at a BPO, it made me go mad

    Her is how it went [Real Experience] , i don't know where IBF allows sharing one's personal experience or not, but i will anyway share it here:rolleyes:

    I got it through a consultancy which says it got branches and operates in 12 Country. My take-home a month after all cut was 6k and every month
    consultancy took 2k in our salary indirectly.

    Before our new team came into work force the estimated Work performance was about 12% per month and with 92% - 96% accuracy overall all time till we got there.
    We were shown those figures of which said 99.9% - 100%, but when i got older employees Data and production calculation and work productivity calculation which the Pl [Process Leader] had to escalate to Assistant Manager, i got to know the true facts about the team and how efficient was the old team. It was totally fake image and was absolutely 40% - 80% accuracy only and 7% work efficiency which the PL and AM got to the Manager as 99.9% - 100% but upon my interference over there as i did all the work calculation as my first task in 3 weeks, they showed it as 92% and was increased to 98% but on my 1 : 1[ one 2 one ] with the Manager he reduced it to 92% since he had to show it his higher authority but truth being an overall of just 70% accuracy of the old team:mad:

    Well he came to our new team and re-showed all the things once again and sent us on training process before our team was divided into 2 sub-teams [freshers] & [experienced].

    Well after training the magics and miracles began to happen. We came to know that we didn't have a Tl [Team Leader] but we had Pl [Project Leader].
    Itdiotics, we were stressed to work 8 - 16 hours a days for 6k:mad: well what to say old team did 200 - 260 cases and customer files a month but we did 360 - 600 cases and customer files a month and cleared the work schedule before the work time and played 2 hours every day:D.
    Eventually old 12 % got increased to 40% within 2 months and work performance of whole new team got about 84% accuracy which got recorded drastically to 96% work performance and 99.2% accuracy, eventually our team recorded the best output and got a Best Work Achievers award in "Team Herald meeting" which can also be called as "Company's get together" and eventually our Salary got increased but we were not intimated about it in any ways, but our salary was only 6k and our old team left us whole process and got moved to other process through IJP [Internal Job Posting].
    We got the news through some media in our workstation, we called our consultancy but they denied to speak us, when we said we are hired in such a company and eventually our contract period was extended.
    Well what to say " After a lot of clashes between me and PL and AM's in 1 to 1", you see i was one in Business Continuity Champion of the Company from our Team. After all i got to know the truths that our salary was increased to 10k and now 12k but our consultancy never paid us nor intimated us nor company's HR team rejected to speak with us regarding payment issue.

    But we were forced to train other Business prospects and other process for 6k.
    At last our team started revolting against it, maintaining 100% work efficiency with 100% accuracy for 6k is not worth at all, and we pay from our salary to consultancy every month not fair

    Its not the one consultancy, as not every person will know every company and every process it follows inside, but you will have to undergo through Consultancies only if you want job's badly nor a Data Entry work.

    Some consultancies ask you to pay first 2 months of your salary and some ask you pay first month salary as a whole to them, and some like the one i was in take every month some of the salary to pay them.

    Anyways you will be only paid some agreed amount only and if you get more, it will be taken over by the consultancy you are in [hired to company through] by not intimating you in anyways, but the truth your HR+PL+AM will be involved in this and will never allow your company for which you work to come to you directly.

    Atlast i had t quit the company after knowing that every single idiot who is involved and fighting i had done with them in order to get business and work go properly for the title and extra post i was assigned for me. The major thing that made me wild was The Manager of our process never knew about it atall, he went sarcastic when i informed this in BSC meeting that was held, he started to shout at all of them. Another thing was majority of the company's process were taken over by some other company in their head quarters, which shows the process and company's insufficiency / lack to perform their assigned duty

    I even practically hate to call that company as a Corporation:mad:

    By chance if you get a Data work job directly, i bet with a deal you will quit the company within 2 - 8 months of joining!!;)

    the Last word from me on this "If you get one by yourself or through a consultancy and feel happy then:rockon:"

    EN: Admin Sorry if i messed with the rules, same applies to MOD's

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  13. ranvijay

    ranvijay New Member

    Are Online Data Entry Jobs real?

    Hi Annie

    I must say that online data entry jobs are real but it depends on you whether you chose a scam site to work or a legitimate data entry job site.Most of the time people blame thant online jobs are fake or unreal.But I think its totally false.If the online jobs are unreal then outsourcing works are fake.

    Today every company is interested to get their work done in half of the cost.That's the reason they outsource their work to different location where they feel its cheap for them and hence this originate work from home jobs,whether its data entry,ad posting,email sending,articles writing ,directory submission,blog submission.

    Even the webmasters today are hiring virtual assisatants to get their of page optimization.

    You can find much more information about such online jobs opportunities on the source below.
  14. ranvijay

    ranvijay New Member

    Are online data entry jobs real ?

    It would be wrong to say that data entry jobs are not real. These are real because those companies who need to restore their datas, put some more information on their database, need a data entry operator for them. May be the data entry operations online would be real or not, but really this exist.

    The statistics say that the ratio of genuine and scam is 30: 70. So be careful friend. Even we also heard about Google cash Kit. Now its really a great way to cheat people as everyone is aware that Google doesn't promote and ru any such hype programs. But to help publishers in making some money from ads, Google started Google Adsense platform. So if you really want to earn money online we hope you should go for some start up free of cost resources guided on
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  15. bonda

    bonda New Member

    This not the world where we can sit just in home and earn the money..
    I got cheated once with the data entry thing..
    I was made to register a sit and then i gave my address and they sent me a cd which was having only links links links and i was charged Rs400 for that cd...
  16. avi1979

    avi1979 Guest

    Most of them are scams. Just google it about the company before you apply and do not pay any money.
  17. avi1979

    avi1979 Guest

    Most of these kind of sites are scams. Don't invest anything.
  18. Krishbhuvi

    Krishbhuvi New Member

    Hi annie! Me too searching for online jobs.

    Just like anne, Im also looking for some genuine online data entry jobs.

    I too received on CD costing Rs 500/- which had nonsense list of links
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  19. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you purchased a cd containing links???:(

    people must rise out of this "ape another lamb"
  20. zodiac

    zodiac New Member

    Google snipper

    hey ..Mickey .. have u heard of google snipper? i have a blog . and i want to earn money from this blog. so i was planning to buy google snipper tool that dramatically increases the rating of ur site in google search engine . so i wanted to take suggestions from experts whether it is a scam or real tool?

    plz reply asap :)
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