Any one getting 4mbps speeds on old ip range of 59.x.x.x

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by coolbuddyin, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. coolbuddyin

    coolbuddyin New Member


    Anyone is having FUP plans of bsnl with 4mbps plans and getting speeds 4mbps speeds on NIB-1, i.e 59.*.*.* range

    or all 4mbps+plans shifted to new ip range 117.*.*.* ??

    pls post reply here
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    @meetdilip has advised, that user should contact higher official/s in broadband section to Change the port for 4 Mbps speed.

    Calculate D/l quota at 4 Mbps speed from the date plan was changed.
    for this month.
    From previous posts by you elsewhere, appears you are now in U/L plan.
    Check in CHANGE accessories menu page. in usage selfcare portal.
    "Provisioned" means change effected. Earlier we used to get an entry
    "Future dated" showing effective date.

    From FEB/1st speed increase and higher d/l (FUP) are
    likely to be announced . for some plans.
  3. coolbuddyin

    coolbuddyin New Member

    right now selfcare portal is giving error as below

    The server you are trying to access is either busy or experiencing difficulties. Please close the Web browser, open a new browser window, and try logging in again.[22:03:58]

    i will check tomorrow

    i'm almost sure that plan is changed, customer care is confirming that too

    Anyhow i'll wait till next month to get it reflected in bill,otherwise if i use unlimited i end up paying for 20gb usage somewhere around 3000-4000rs
  4. Indranil

    Indranil Member

    If you are currently on 59 IP and apply for FUP plan then your connection will be change to 117 IP of DSLAM.
  5. coolbuddyin

    coolbuddyin New Member

    its not changed to 117 ip range
    but selfcare portal showing as plan changed to 1350 uld and also 1504/1500 people saying plan is surely changed
  6. demoteck

    demoteck New Member

    I had also them same problem before 4months. I contacted BSNL commercial officer and he changed my plan. So you have to book a complaint through 198 and ask commercial officer whether your plan changed or not.
    If you are in 1350 plan, your IP should be 117.x.x.x
  7. Indranil

    Indranil Member


    If your current plan is under FUP then your IP should change 59 to 117 IP, that's for sure.

    The problem of yours what I am thinking of that you applied for 4MBps FUP plan but you still did not get the 4MBps speed while selfcare portal showing your plan has changed to 1350ULD. If that is true then your connection need to change 59 to 117 portal otherwise you wont get the FUP facility.

    If you are currently on 59 series of IP then check your plan by go through this address.

    You did not mention from what plan you had change to FUP.
  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  9. coolbuddyin

    coolbuddyin New Member

    SELFCARE is saying my plan is changed

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