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Whats your alto car Average?

  1. 12KM/PL

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  2. 13KM/PL

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  3. 14KM/PL

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  4. 15KM/PL

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  5. 16KM/PL

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  6. 17KM/PL

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    SEOBOT Guest

    I just buyed alto few weeks ago.

    Its giving me avg of 14km/pl in city :D

    Guys who have alto please state their car avg.

    And what the shit when the Air conditioner is on the car doesnt take pick up on hill. :confused:

    I have to switch off ac at the time of driving at hill. :rolleyes:
    Have you experienced this please post here!!!

    I have pearl silver colour which one do you have ?
  2. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I assume its a new car.
    Initial 1000 Km is the Run-in period and your engine is expected to drink fuel.
    The milage would increase after one service and is expected to further increase after the second service.
    Also normally gives 16-17 kmpl in city conditions without AC.

    Its a 800 CC car after all. So AC supposed to have an effect on the pick-up.
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  3. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    Mine already 4.5 years old and ran aprrox 46000/-,giving nearly 20Kms on highways.I'm keeping the service uptodate without any fail.

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