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    A large array of packages is customized to satisfy your need which is the result of continious market research by the Alliance Team from which you can pick just the right one for you . The speed can reach upto a whopping 512 kbps which is much more faster than the conventional ones. Just opt for us feel the difference.
    Strater Pack
    128 Kbps
    Any Time Unlimited 30 Days 392/-
    Zoom Pack
    256 kbps
    Any Time Unlimited 30 Days 561/-
    Executive Pack
    384 kbps
    Any Time Unlimited 30 Days 785/-
    Super Executive Pack
    640 kbps
    Any Time Unlimited 30 Days 1572/-

    Top Gear
    256 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 138/-
    1st Gear
    256 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 392/-
    2nd Gear
    512 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 785/-
    Mileage Package
    256 Kbps
    Any Time 90 Days 839/-

    Leased Line-Stater Pack
    72 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 843/-
    Leased Line-Zoom Pack
    128 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 1124/-
    Leased Line-Executive Pack
    256 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 1685/-
    Leased Line-Super Executive Pack
    512 kbps
    Any Time 30 Days 2809/-
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    What the heck is this, is this a new ISP or what??
  3. just4kix

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    It's an ad. After much deliberation, I decided to let it stay.

    BTW, player, how was Maths paper?
  4. player

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    o_O how did you know abt that?????

    anyway i screwed up maths exam :mad: i dont know whether i would be able to pass it or not darn

    The major problem was that i was ill very badly, my throat was giving me pain like hell and when it got healed my voice box got screwed damn why these diseases always catch a person when his/her very important days are going on :(

    Maths mei zara haath tang hai to naturally kharab to hona hee tha :D

  5. just4kix

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    Aw! Bad luck.

    You did post on another thread that you had your Maths exam coming up.
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    limited to what ??
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    does alliance provide proper speeds like tata , airtel?? .. i have heard that they are really frustrating for heavy downloaders ...
  8. aksved

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    Fraud Not committed speed given

    I am from Kolkata WB. Well on 4th of this month i renew my account with the flash package. in day time now after 5 days i am getting around 196KB/Sec(1568kbps) as they say you will get 3/4th of your package. Ok fine i understand if i use shared bandwidth connection i have to deal with this but in night they say it up to 4mbps(192KB/secX2=384KB/sec"as per there 3/4 rule"). But ok its up-to 4mbps so at-least i should be getting around 350KB/sec. I am getting 260KB/sec average while downloading from Microsoft. You can check the package details in this link

    The alliance Customer Care saying i will be getting around 300KB/sec(2400kbps) hooray i am getting 400kbps extra..Tell me guys is this fare???does 4mbps upto means this????

    Before i used to have speed package where i used to get 90KB/sec in day and 170KB/sec in night.
    if you calculate this with flash that i have now, it should be 170KB/sec in day and 170KB/sec X2=340KB/sec in Night(at least i should get this but no i won't as per alliance)

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