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Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by Apurv, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Apurv

    Apurv New Member

    dear friends i want to ask about illegal downloading through utorrent in india...
    can someone caught been using utorrent
    i have downloaded 150 gb of data(additional data given by smartbyte airtel) and recently i have seen some comcast peer in
    uttorent is connect i shut down the torrent immediatly..can i get warning messege by isp airtel .....i is my dynamic ip can confuse them....ofcource i m in india and govt has lots of other important work to do.....:);):D
  2. ramitzar

    ramitzar New Member

    Alongwith IP, your MAC address and DSLAM ISP port is also registered in the ISP session data, so doesn't matter whether it's a dynamic IP.But cyber crime laws in India haven't gone to the extent that somebody has been caught for using utorrent, if not some copyright owner of any digital media has prying eyes on you ! :)
  3. Apurv

    Apurv New Member

    i have searched a lot and found that they send mail to you of warning through with the help of your isp not to download torrent but in india i haven't se any case of being caught..but if someone is watching yours activity then he is also breaking the law by seeing your privacy.....does peerblock block all anti p2p ????
  4. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    This is something new! So far no one had been caught in India for downloading from torrents. What is the warning message that you are receiving from Airtel? Most of the downloads from torrents are illegal, considering the content..its either pirated movies, music or porn. Post a screenshot if possible?

    Your dynamic ip cannot confuse them, that is a misunderstanding. The IP is assigned by the ISP (Airtel) themselves. When the IP is assigned to anyone, they have the full details of the client/customer to whom they are assigning the IP. If you remember, while applying for the connection, you might have filled the CAF - Customer Application Form.
    This contains all the details about you.

    And Yes, do you think Airtel has no time rather sneak peak into their customer browsing patterns? That warning message should probably be some virus!

    Once it happened to me, while I was browsing, the computer got locked, and the screeen filled with the message that I was watching porn and my activities have been noted, and I need to pay a fine! WTF! I was very sure that this was some kind of virus... Anyway, Avast solved the issue. Later came to know that its a new virus called PCeU virus!!

    So, chill. . . . do a virus scan and happy browsing!
  5. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    What is this DSLAM ISP port??
  6. Apurv

    Apurv New Member

    noooo... i am not saying that i got mail by my isp...i have searched about it and find that other than india like US has a strong control about the piracy and they are collaborate with movies and film companies to fought against piracy....if they ever caught my ip than what will happen...??????????:p..
  7. Apurv

    Apurv New Member

    its a digital subscriber line access multiplexer(DSLAM)..its collects our data or signal and send to the isp
  8. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    Well, if its in US, they might sue you . . .
    In India, so far no one is concerned so, I dont know what happens!

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