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Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by rajiv0, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. rajiv0

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    I have airtel connection and 220bx beetel modem. The technician has set my username n password in the modem and so i get internet without needing to login with my usern + pass. I want to frequently change my ip bcos of accessing rapidshare downloads. So i want to know how to set by using the address - Setup so that to connect to internet i wud have to need to login with my username + pass.
    And change ip by just disconnecting the icon from the system tray and then reconnecting.

    Wud be glad if u also tell how to setup username + password later in the modem again as well.

    Can anyone tell me this ?
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Your Dynamic Ip will change every time you connect and disconnect the modem.
    There is no setting in modem to change IP again and again.
    Your should know your user ID ad Password provided by Airtel.
    Uncheck "PPP/PPPoE" and select Bridged in WAN settings. Save and reboot.
    Now use dialer ( wanminiport) to connect .
    Start/All programs/accessories/communications/Network connection Wizard.
    Check your IP (and speed )every time you switch on your system,
    Bandwidth Speed Test Results
    or at
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  3. SmoothVibes

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    Airtel or any ISP works on auto or you can say dynamic IP, IP is something which is assigned to you whenever you connect to internet and you really need not to change your system IP (Local IP) everytime coz a new (unique) IP is always assigned to your each n every online session so if you change IP on your system or dont change that can not make any difference for such downloads.

    to check your IP you can go to any of the site suggested by essbebe or can check it on any speedtester page like

    please correct me if i am worng as i really dont't download anything by this rapidshare server
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Even if you change IP by connecting and disconnecting,
    the cookie stored in your computer will
    show that your are the same user !
    Get a Premium acct for Rapidshare download/s.
  5. aneesh2k7

    aneesh2k7 New Member

    you are right .............
  6. r4z0rr0

    r4z0rr0 Guest

    You are absolutly wrong !

    So far as cookies are concerned you can always delete them !

    and for rapidshare downloads you can go to various proxy sites

    If u have difficulty in finding them
    then go to and search "Powered by Glype"
    and then hit any link displayed
    and there u can paste u r rapidshare url

    and Dont Forget to NJoy !:scooter:
  7. Jaganathsamal

    Jaganathsamal New Member

    you r wrong, the cookie automatically becomes invalid once ur ip address changes. I use this method & it works everytime.

    you can always restart your router by visiting and then selecting system reboot option. I personally use this method bcoz its much easier.
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  8. jakemake123456

    jakemake123456 New Member

    If you can afford to spend about 500 Rs each month for a Rapidshare premium account then buy one otherwise search google for rapidshare premium hacked accounts and save yourself some money and time cause you can download multiple links at the same time using your fav download accelerator .
  9. Jaganathsamal

    Jaganathsamal New Member

    Being a 16 year old i cant afford a rapidshare account. Also i have a 256kbps-unlimited broadband connection i.e. I get speeds of 22-28kbps , so all the hacked premium accounts i have (bcoz some warez sites r hosted by my school mates & friends) are useless bcoz in parallel downloads the bandwidth is shared. So, i use torrents to download files larger than 100mb bcoz no headache of downloading parts of a file e.t.c.
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  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    Flush ur dns
    it will be useful wen downloading from rapid share each time..
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    release ur ip, flush dns and then renew...... u r good to go.....

    if u dont want to go through the hassle, then do the laid back man thing..... Turn off the modem and then turn it on...... and Viola..... u r good......

    Using both these methods u can use Rapidshare to download files.....
  12. pritamsingh98

    pritamsingh98 New Member

    jus refresh the modem by switch off n switch on the modem ur ip wil be change everytime............

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