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    Bharti Airtel has been at the forefront of telecommunication based advancements in the country. Airtel’s services have always been centered on the recognition of the needs of the consumers. In the same vein, Airtel has now launched a service using which customers can enjoy additional data packs whenever they need them. Tagged Smartbytes, this service will allow Airtel’s broadband users to enjoy data connectivity in the form of additional packs, so that they do not have to wait when they wish to have high speed data connectivity.

    Starting at Rs 99, the Smartbytes service is the first of its kind, providing data usage packs to broadband customers. These users can purchase the data usage packs as and when they need them. Also, tracking Internet usage is easy with this service. Users can have alerts of monthly high speed data transfer limits, the Gigabytes left to be used, and the days left in their billing cycle. What’s more, you have several options, starting from 1 GB to 50 GB. And then, availing this service is a simple as making a few clicks.

    High speed data services are a class apart from the routine data speed services, and those who have tasted the flavors of the former know how frustrating it can be to be made to wait. These customers will love the idea of being able to purchase intelligently made data plans that’ll lend them the much desired high speed Internet.

    Here’s a tabulated presentation of the options you have under Smartbytes.

    [table="width: 500, class: grid, align: center"]
    [td]Data Usage[/td]
    [td]1 GB[/td]
    [td]2 GB[/td]
    [td]5 GB[/td]
    [td]10 GB[/td]
    [td]20 GB[/td]
    [td]50 GB[/td]

    Here’s more on the Smartbytes service:-
    • The additional data usage you purchase is valid for the remaining days in your billing cycle.
    • An SMS and Email alert is sent to customers when their data usage of high speed Internet reaches 80% and 100% of the allowed usage of high speed data transfer.
    • Once customers cross the 80% mark of their high speed Internet usage, they can consider any Smartbytes option to ensure that their access to the amazing high speed connectivity never wanes off.
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    This is only available to post paid customer I believe and is available for their broadband, 3g and 4g customers.
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    Any post paid/dongle users using SmartBytes ? Kindly share your experience.
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    I think that the rates could be much better for smartbytes, it seems a bit on the costlier side.

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